The Church of Jerusalem and the Christian Nation.

The Church of Jerusalem and the Christian Nation is an online non denominational Church, set into being for the preaching of God’s word, Bible Study, Prayer and fellowship in Christ Jesus. The Church does not follow any man made doctrine, tradition or dogma which may emanate from any mainline, or otherwise affiliated religious faculty or sect, the ‘Christian Nation’ is devoted to perfect adherence to the word of God through the Holy Scriptures of the Bible and through the Holy Spirit, service to God and His people is our dedicated aim.


History of the CJCN.

The Church began in the Spring of 2015 as little more than an idea and began to present Bible readings, special verses of Christian encouragement and commentaries almost immediately. The initial group of Christians who gathered under ‘The Nation’s’ banner were mainly Western/central European and North American, numbering about 15 persons. It took some time for a small council of the Church to be chosen and through them, for a Pastor to be found to lead the Church in devotions and prayer. After some difficulties and a quite lengthy time period, owing entirely to my own reluctance to accept the nomination and take on the responsibilities of Pastor, I was eventually persuaded by God to accept the nomination as the first Pastor of the Church of the Christian Nation and on the 4th of July 2015, I put out the first full daily ministry to an online congregation of 34 persons and the ‘Church of the Christian Nation’ was born. Today, as the senior Pastor of ‘The Christian Nation’, (we now have two junior pastors) I preach the gospel of the Lord God on a daily basis, to over 1000,000 people worldwide. ‘The Nation’ is growing and with it, the Christian responsibilities we feel require our attention, so that we may serve the lord in every aspect of our lives.