Moderate Islam… There’s no such thing.

To be absolutely and to some extent, even brutally honest, I have to agree with those watchdog commentators who say Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey is a mongrel dog with a belly ache, yes, I have to admit, I dislike the man enormously myself. However, Erdogan did tell us all what Islam is and how it should be thought of when he said…

“Turkey is not a country where moderate Islam prevails. This expression is wrong. The word Islam is uninfected, it is only Islam. If you say moderate Islam, then an alternative is created, and that is immoderate Islam. As a Muslim, I can’t accept such a concept. Islam rejects extreme concepts. I am not an extreme Muslim. We are Muslims who have found a middle road”.

In other words, there is only one Islam, there is no moderate Islam, Islam is just Islam, the way it has been for over 1400 years since its creation by a 7th century Arab known as Muhamad, who, whilst holed up in a cave for three days with three women, claimed he had a heavenly vision and then wrote a book telling all other Arabs how to kill their fellow man. That’s quite a vision, but heavenly? Hmm, more about that another time.

So then, straight from the evil horses mouth itself, we cannot expect Islam to change for our sakes, our values and certainly not for our Christian culture, Muhamad said so and  Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who by the way, is now a self styled Islamic Messiah, has said so too.

This denial of some of the chiefs, if not the chief Muslim on earth, that there is a duality to Islam, leads me to pose the question, why do we accept Jordan as Moderate and as an alley of the United States and her Western alleys and then calmly sit back and watch Jordanians commit some of humanity’s worst atrocities with Impunity.

What are you talking about??? I hear you ask, well, this is what I’m talking about…….

Jordan’s military released some shocking video footage just recently that shows one of its soldiers actually firing at and killing three members of the U.S. Army Green Berets.

Remember: Jordan’s supposedly a U.S. ally.

Jordan’s supposedly an example of “moderate” Muslim governance.

The victims of this horrific attack?

Staff Sgt. Matthew C. Lewellen, 27, of Kirksville, Missouri; Staff Sgt. Kevin J. McEnroe, 30, of Tucson, Arizona; and Staff Sgt. James F. Moriarty, 27, of Kerrville, Texas.

The soldier who killed them, 1st Sgt. Marik al-Tuwayha, was sentenced to life in prison with hard labor by the Jordanian military court just a few days ago.

But the senseless murders highlight the challenge of knowing which Muslims are supposedly peaceful — versus which aren’t.

Image result for evil islam pictures

The New York Post has more.

He claimed he opened fire because he feared the base was about to come under attack.But Jordanian officials said he “had acted against orders and military instructions and had not acted in self-defense.”The roughly six-minute silent video — which was released by Hala Akhbar, a military news site linked to the military — shows a convoy arriving at the base, where a guard opens a gate to let the vehicles in.But seconds later, two of the Americans are seen getting out of their vehicles and taking cover behind concrete barriers as puffs of smoke are seen, indicating gunfire is hitting the blocks.The US soldiers raise their hands and wave from behind the barriers, but the shooting continues.Another figure, according to descriptions by the Jordanians, chases them and continues firing.According to descriptions from relatives, Lewellen and McEnroe, who were in the first vehicle stopped at the gate, were the first to be hit by gunfire.Moriarty and another soldier jumped out of the next two cars to take cover and returned fire with their pistols, yelling that they were friendly forces, the relatives said.But al-Tuwayha kept shooting, they said. He was seriously wounded in the exchange.

And then of course, there’s this……

Mourners in ‘Moderate’ Jordan Chant ‘Death to Israel’ After Deadly Embassy Shooting.

Thousands in Jordan gathered to mourn and bury teenage Mohammed Jawawdeh, the 17-year-old who was killed Sunday when he attacked an Israeli guard with a screwdriver at the embassy.

And what were they saying during the gathering?

“Death to Israel,” the Times of Israel reported.

And Jordan is supposed to be home of the moderate Muslim.

But the throng chanted the message — even as it was undisputed the teen attacked the Israeli guard.

More, from the Times of Israel…

Mohammed Jawawdeh, 17, was killed Sunday, when he attacked the guard with a screwdriver at the embassy compound.

A second Jordanian was also killed, apparently by accident, and will be buried Thursday.

The killings sparked a standoff between Israel and Jordan amid tensions over the Temple Mount, where Israel imposed new security measures after a deadly mid-July attack on police.

Mourners set off with Jawawdeh’s coffin from Wihdat city, home to a large Palestinian refugee camp east of Amman, towards the cemetery in nearby Umm al-Hiran, where he was buried.

They carried pictures of the 17-year-old along with Palestinian and Jordanian flags, and chanted “Death to Israel”.

“We will go to Jerusalem as martyrs by the millions,” they chanted.
Jawawdeh’s uncle, Sami, said the family is urging Jordan’s King Abdullah II to avenge his death “because he is the one who can decide in such matters”.

“Mohammed’s blood did not flow in vain,” he added, saying it paved the way for Israel’


s removal early Tuesday of metal detectors at entrances to the Temple Mount, which houses the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

Israel had installed the devices following a July 14 attack in which three Arab Israelis killed two policemen who were on duty just outside the compound. They used firearms smuggled onto the mount.

The move to bolster security at the access gates to the compound, seen by Palestinians as an attempt to assert Israeli control over the site, triggered Muslim outrage and deadly violence.

So then, are we all now convinced, in spite of all we know and witness from Islam iself and the lessons on that evil ideology being taught to us my Muslims themselves, Islam is a religion of peace, because there is a moderate Islam???

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