Christians United For Israel. (CUFI)

Sometimes, it’s a pleasure to let strangers read my mail.

Dear Pastor Don. Roy,

Our DC Summit last week provided us with some of the most exciting moments in CUFI’s 11 year history.

We packed the Washington, DC convention center with over 5,000 passionate supporters of Israel and flooded Capitol Hill with Christians from all 50 states. Our members met with 97% of Congress and urged them to support the Taylor Force Act and the Israel Anti-Boycott Act.

Vice President Mike Pence was the keynote speaker at our Night to Honor Israel.  The fact that he took the time to join us — and his powerful words from the podium — were extremely encouraging to those of us who care about the U.S.-Israel relationship. We were all excited when the Vice President of the United States said “Today, through Christians United for Israel, more than 3.3 million believers have raised their voices, have not been silent in support of Israel, and you can be heard in every city and town across America and in every office on Capitol Hill. And rest assured, the man down the street at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hears you, too.”

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed us live via satellite. We were humbled by his statement “When I said that we have no greater friends than the many, many millions of Christian supporters of Israel, in the United States and also in other parts of the world, I mean it. I know you’ve always, always stood with us.”

With more than 200 media mentions, including CNNThe Federalist and The Times of Israel, the 2017 CUFI Washington Summit received more publicity than any event in our history. Without question, Vice President Pence’s statement pledging to move our embassy to Jerusalem was the single most quoted line from the summit.  “I promise you that the day will come when President Donald Trump moves the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” Pence declared. “It is not a question of if, it is only when.”

The speakers, the crowd and the press coverage made one thing clear: CUFI’s time has arrived.

CUFI Washington Summit - July 23 - 24, 2018

We hope that you join us next year in DC! You can register for only $75 for the entire Summit until September 1st.

Pastor John Hagee
Founder and Chairman

David Brog

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