The most powerful prayer there is: a prayer given to us by God Himself.

A while ago I was praying in my barn. I shut off all the lights, so everything was dark and I was not distracted. Then I began to invite the Holy Spirit. I knew He is already inside of me and with me, but I invited Him to fill me and lead me to the throne room of God.

When I pray like this, I open my heart and let the deepest hunger in my heart speak: ‘I long for You Lord, I love You Lord, help me to see You Lord.’ The cry of my heart leads me in deep and passionate worship, of the most beautiful God of heaven and earth, the wonderful Maker and Father, our Greatly Beloved One.

christian religious posters royal prayer

Jesus said that those with a pure heart will see God.

We can see God with the eyes of our heart. Therefor I often ask the Holy Spiritplease show me Jesus, show me the Father, show me Who You are. Let me see You! When I am praying in my barn, in the dark, all alone, I can focus on Him with all my heart. (When it is too cold, I do the same in my living room by the way).

This evening I surrendered my heart completely to the Lord and I started worshipping Him. His presence began to fill me and my body started shaking under the power of God. I often have this experience, when I pray, that His powerful current flows through me, which causes my arms and legs to tremble.

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