A Plea from our friends in Israel.

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As we reported several days ago, United with Israel received an urgent request from the Neve Tzuf (Halamish) community, to provide financial relief to the Salomon family, recent victims of a horrific terror attack inside their home.Dear Pastor Don Roy,

A Palestinian terrorist had entered their home and murdered Yosef Salomon and his two adult children, Chaya and Elad, at their Shabbat table, as they were celebrating the birth of a grandson.

Tova, the grandmother, was stabbed in the back. Elad’s wife Michal and her five children were able to escape to the second floor.

Help Provide Financial Relief to a Widow and 5 Orphans

The Salomon’s have lived in Neve Tzuf for over thirty years.

Tragically, it was just eight months ago that UWI was called on to provide emergency aid when terrorist arson fires struck the very same town.

Neve Tzuf is a strong and tightly knit community. They have just started to rebuild the homes that were destroyed by the fires and are now committed to supporting the Salomon family by helping them rebuild their shattered lives.

Funds are being raised for Michal and her 5 orphaned children. With the loss of her husband Elad, the family is facing a severe financial challenge. In their time of need, please help us to strengthen and support the Salomon family.

Strengthen and Support the Family in a Time of Need

United with Israel is committed to fighting terror by supplying specialized anti-terror vehicles (ATVs) that help catch terrorists before it’s too late.

Attacks like the one is Neve Tzuf can be prevented if communities are equipped with anti-terror vehicles and specialized security equipment.

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The Good Samaritan.

Just yesterday, there was a brutal stabbing attack in a supermarket in central Israel. Words cannot describe the violence and hate of the despicable terrorist, who seriously wounded an innocent Israeli while shopping.

UWI’s ongoing anti-terror efforts include emergency support for first-responders who are on the scene within minutes after terror attacks.

With your help, UWI continues to fight online incitement, anti-Israel bias and ongoing funding of Palestinian terror. But there is much more left to do…

Israelis Need Your Help. Click Here to Show Your Support!

We thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity, and for standing united with the People of Israel during these most difficult times.

With Blessings from Israel,

The United with Israel Family

Send your check directly to Israel:
United with Israel
8/19 Maor St.
Box 71530
Bet Shemesh 99623

Or mail your check to the USA (tax-deductible):
Americans United with Israel
PO Box 73071
Marietta, GA 30007
United States


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