Turkey cannot accept Armenian genocide label, says Erdoğan.

However….. Israelis Discover Proof of Armenian Genocide In Turkish Democracy.

I will control Europe by swamping your countries with Islamic fanatics disguised as refugees.

Turkey’s president, Recep Taayip Erdogan , has said Turkey will ignore any decision by the European parliament qualifying the 1915 killings of Armenians in the first world war as genocide, saying such recognition would go “in one ear and out from the other”.

Now doesn’t that sound so normal these days, especially when it comes from the slobbering mouth of yet another tin pot Napoleon despotic dictator of fanatical Islam, this time in the person of Recep Taayip Erdogan, the dirt bag of Turkey. Please read on……

Dateline, Jerusalem, Israel, April 23, 2017: Perhaps there is poetic justice in the very fact that the definitive evidence of planning and intention behind an Islamic campaign of genocide, the first of its kind in the 20th century, was found in the state of Israel, a proud little nation with a big heart founded as a result of the world’s ugliest example of state-sponsored genocide (the Nazi Holocaust). In 1921, the attention of the US State Department was drawn to the substance of the various telegraphic instructions from Turkish Minister Talaat Pasha to the different Turkish officials, especially in Aleppo, the character of the said instructions being such as would indicate that no Armenian victims of Turkish persecutions should have survived. Only 147,000 deported Armenians were found alive in Syria and Mesopotamia in 1919. The American ambassador to Turkey, Henry Morgenthau, tried to intervene and save the Armenians. Other diplomats merely watched in silent horror.

“Deportation of and excesses against peaceful Armenians is increasing and from harrowing reports of eye witnesses it appears that a campaign of race extermination is in progress under a pretext of reprisal against rebellion. I believe nothing short of actual force which obviously the United States are not in a position to exert would adequately meet the situation.”

[Henry Morgenthau in a telegram to Washington from Istanbul]

In 1915, during WW1, leaders of the Turkish government set in motion a plan to expel and massacre Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire (the immediate reason was the Russian victory over the Turks in the battle of Sarikamish in the frozen Caucasus) because the Turkish Islam has always viewed these Dhimmitude-serving minority people with suspicion, but at this point even more so given the chaos engulfing the collapsing Turkish Empire in early 20th century. There was once a “Turkish SPring”-type event, believe it or not, in which “Young Turk” reformers of the Turkish Caliphate helped to establish the Second Constitutional Era in 1908, ushering in an era of multi-party democracy for the first time in the decrepit country’s history!

Ironically, the Armenian genocide would have been harder to organize under a Sultan than under a Turkish democracy, because mob rule is always a popular method in a democracy, especially in a Third World democracy. Every democracy in history started under some sort of mob rule outbursts. The dictatorial triumvirate of the Three Pashas in charge of a sultan-free “Young Turk” reformed empire of the Islamic Turks was an early example of the failure of Western political reformation methods when applied to a Third World country.

In this regard, nothing has changed in the past 100 years and the Arab Spring. Again, what is the favorite Third World response to any political change? Massacre and counter-massacre. Though reports vary, most sources agree that there were about 2 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire at the time of the massacre (1915-1920). By the early 1920s, when the massacres and deportations finally ended, some 1.5 million of Turkey’s Armenians were either all dead or many dead and some deported, with others forcibly removed from the country living in appalling poverty in Iraq.

Today, most historians call this event a genocide–a premeditated and systematic campaign to exterminate an entire people. However, the Turkish government does not acknowledge the enormity or scope of these events. Despite pressure from Armenians and social justice advocates throughout the world, it is still illegal in Turkey to talk about what happened to Armenians during this era. And the “sultan” of modern Turkey, a dismissive and arrogant fellow, a Turkish version of Saddam Hussein, Turkey’s President Erdogan, dismisses the claim of genocide committed on Turkish soil and arrests anyone caught talking about it.

In spite of ostracism and high taxation, the Armenian community thrived under the Ottoman rule because it was successful in trade, business in general and well educated. The Armenians of Turkey tended to be better educated and wealthier than their Turkish neighbors, who in turn tended to resent their success. This resentment was compounded by suspicions that the Christian Armenians would be more loyal to Christian governments (that of the Russians, for example, who shared an unstable border with Turkey) than they were to the Ottoman caliphate.

In the gist of the story, in 1915 the so-called Young Turks in Istanbul created a “Special Organization” nationwide, which in turn organized “killing squads” or “butcher battalions” to carry out, as one officer put it, “the liquidation of the Christian elements.” These killing squads were often made up of murderers and other ex-convicts. A lot of regular Turks were away serving in a war. These local Turkish thugs drowned people in rivers, threw them off cliffs, crucified them and burned them alive. In short order, the Turkish countryside was littered with Armenian corpses.

The Turks crucified thousands of pre pubescent girls for Islam.

In any case, the point is – woe betides any Christian minority that finds itself surrounded in an Islamic country because there is a serious historical reason for there not being any significant non-Muslim minority remaining in the hostile world of Islamic countries, except for Egypt. It may very well come pass that there shall be an Egyptian Muslim pogrom of the Christian Copts when a major war or a major world emergency occur sometime in the 21st century. Ambassador Morgenthau telegraphed in 1916 that America is unavailable for help to the dying Armenians, even though, according to him, that was the only thing that could have saved them.

Will history repeat itself in another way again? Will there be still the American Marines sporting the traditional Christian values on hand to come to the rescue of an ancient community of good will? Will America resign herself to the world of Islam and become a captured moon orbiting around the Death Star planet of Islam and reflecting back the dark light of her new parent? Will the Left in America take us down that road? How many John McCain’s and Hillary Clinton’s are there to collaborate with the enemy in the name of misplaced human rights values and the vaunted fantasy of a democracy for Islam?

The hangings of Armenians on the streets of Turkey


Knesset committee recognises Armenian genocide

Why everyone must see the Armenian genocide movie ‘The Promise’

Boxes of evidence have rested in the archives of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem for nearly a century, inaccessible to scholars “for reasons that are not entirely clear.”

Lost evidence was recently recovered in a Jerusalem archive that researchers have called “smoking gun” proof of the Armenian Genocide by Ottoman Turkey. The New York Times reported on Saturday that Taner Akcam, a Turkish historian at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, came upon an original telegram from the military tribunals that initially convicted the genocide’s planners. This key evidence has long been missing, and the lack of original documents, the Times said, is the foundation of the Turkish narrative of denying the genocide. “Until recently, the smoking gun was missing,” Akcam told the Times. “This is the smoking gun.” The telegram, in code, is from Behaeddin Shakir, a high-ranking Ottoman official, to a colleague, inquiring about specifics regarding the deportation and murder of Armenians in eastern Anatolia. A copy of this telegram was used in Shakir’s conviction, shortly before almost all original documents and testimony went missing, forcing scholars to rely on secondary sources for their research on the topic.

According to the Times, Armenian leadership in Istanbul shipped 24 boxes of records to England when Turkish nationalists were seizing control of the country in 1922. The documents then made their way to France in the care of a bishop and finally to the archive of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, where they’ve remained since the 1930s, inaccessible to scholars “for reasons that are not entirely clear.” Akcam came upon photographs of the original telegram in New York, where they were in the possession of the nephew of a deceased Armenian monk. Last year, the Knesset Education, Culture and Sports Committee announced recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Armenian Genocide: Armenians hanged from tripods in 1915.

Armenian Genocide: Armenians hanged from tripods in 1915. Photograph: Lebrecht Music & Arts/Corbis

“It is our moral obligation to recognize the holocaust of the Armenian nation,” committee chairman MK Ya’acov Margi (Shas) said.

Georgette Avakian, chairwoman of the Armenian National Committee in Jerusalem, told the Knesset committee that after 101 years, the time has come for the Knesset to join parliaments around the world and the 31 countries who have already recognized the Armenian Genocide.

MK Zehava Gal-On (Meretz), who initiated the committee meeting, said, “Each year we instil false hope in the people who are sitting here. It dishonours the Knesset to continue to go on and on about this issue, year after year, without reaching a decision that the State of Israel and the Israeli legislature recognise the genocide of the Armenian people.”

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