Italian citizens fed up with Muslim migrants: “We can’t take it anymore”

Editorial Comment by Pastor Don Roy Hemingway.

When I first saw the headline which you now see above, it occured to me, perhaps now the political powers of Western Europe may just come to their senses and see what a blunder in the the dark and abject disaster their collective experiment in Multiculturalism truly is. Unfortunately, as I continued to look at the story behind the headline, it became abundantly clear, no such element of good common sense has overtaken those in Political power and they are still, no matter how loudly the people protest, devoted and dedicated to the total destruction of their own countries and cultures and to the decimation of their own indiginous populations, in short, they are going to continue on this political road of madness, this trail of bitter tears, until the whole of Europe has been enslaved by Islam. When people are confronted with such arrogant despotism, there is but one way to change the course of history, the French discovered that on 14 July 1789 and the Russians discovered the same thing a little over a century later, REVOLUTION!

Ventimiglia, Italy – Local residents speak up about how the incessant influx of migrants has changed their lives for the worse. They shared their opinions following the opening of a new migrant centre in the northern Italian town of Ventimiglia on Wednesday. A group of protesters had demonstrated against the event outside the town hall earlier in the day.

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