850,000 Muslim migrants in Turkey paid CASH by European Union.

850,000 potential terrorists are being used as a bagaining chip by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the scum bag Muslim President and despot of Turkey, to blackmail the European union to give him all his own way in all political matters, including arresting and jailing Western jounalists for portraying him in less than glowing terms, by threatening to let lose the 850,000 Muslim scum bags on the continent of Europe. Remember, Erdogan was and still is, an Obama confidant! Now, I want to say this…HEY, Junker you stinking NAZI pig, stop spending my tax Dollars on Muslims, Erdogan and Turkey! Wow, don’t you just feel better when you say what you think???

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The European Union is actively aiding and abetting the destruction of free societies in Europe. Future generations of free people in Europe, if there are any, will curse the names of the current EU leadership for bringing in these invaders and destroyers.

“PICS: 850,000 migrants in Turkey Paid Cash by European Union,” Associated Press, August 4, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — A European Union official says more than 850,000 people are now benefiting from a EU-funded project that provides cash assistance to the most vulnerable refugee families in Turkey.

The program, billed as the EU’s largest humanitarian program, provides debit cards to the most disadvantaged families allowing them to buy food and meet other needs.

It was launched last year following an agreement in which the EU pledged 3 billion euros to help Syrian migrants in Turkey in return for Turkish assistance in curbing illegal migration to Europe.

Jane Lewis, head of the EU humanitarian aid office in Turkey, said Friday that the program aims to assist 1.3 million refugees by the end of the year….

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