Theresa May swipes at Trump over response to neo-Nazi rally bloodshed as she faces calls from MPs to SCRAP the US president’s state visit.

Theresa May, the slag whore cowardly bitch of Britain should keep her desperate insecure mouth shut!

Once again, President Trump is under fire from the loony left. This time it is that mindless slag whore of British Politics and Islam representation Teresa May. I guess no one wants to offend you by telling you what a friggin idiot you are Teresa, so let me tell you, because how offended you, or any other limey is by what I say, is a matter of monumental indifference to me. The President stated the case perfectly, he condemned the violence on all sides, but you, the limey traitor and Muslim appeaser, you want him to condemn only the far right and then blow sunshine up the collective ass of you and your cronies on the far left. Well drop dead Teresa, the leftists were as much to blame for waht happened in Virginia as anyone else, they turned up wearing helmets and carrying base ball bats, so mind your business and leave America to mind its business and by the way, we will mind our business in any we choose and we won’t ask you, who owes the very freedom you enjoy to America, for any permission. Shut the f*** up bitch, our President is kicking ass and taking names, and you are on the list of shit kickers who won’t be getting any kind of award from this side of the pond. Now slip away on your own trail of slime and see if there is another Muslim cock you can suck before you go home… BITCH!!!

Theresa May, pictured on the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier today, is facing renewed demands to cancel a state visit for Donald Trump

Mrs May said this morning: ‘I see no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose them.

‘I think it is important for all those in positions of responsibility to condemn far right views wherever we hear them.’

The PM spoke out after a series of ministers and MPs broke cover to criticise the US commander-in-chief.

The problem with May’s statement, is that she forgets to denounce the far left, making her guilty of the offence she was accusing the President of. English politicians have lost their minds and the people never had them!


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