BBC Claim: Israel ‘Carved Out of Palestinian Land’.

Editorial comment by pastor Don Roy Hemingway.

What do you call a totalitarian regime which builds an empire by military might, then enslaves the people of that empire with draconian laws, redraws maps and border lines, extracts indigenous wealth like a feasting blood hungry parasite and then, having become the greatest dictatorship ever seen on this earth, calls itself a democracy???

I call it a travesty, I call it a hate crime, I call it dehumanising bullying, but there are others who call it…. GREAT BRITAIN!

If you were to ask anyone in the high streets of Britain Canada, Australia or the US, who started the Gulf wars, chances are, most people would say it was Sadam Hussein and Iraq. But how informed is that conclusion or belief on behalf of the people who vote for or against a Western regime which claims, claims mind you, to be a democracy? The truth is, Great Britain started the Gulf wars just as Britain has started so many wars. The British drew a few lines on a map of the Arabian peninsular and created Kuwait from the land which was originally Iraq, when Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990, he was just taking back his own land, but because of its denial of human rights to all others who dwell upon this earth and its expansionist empire building, because Britain is an unconscionable bully, war ensued and thousands lost their lives. Britain and its expansionist and colonial dictates across the world, are responsible for the ongoing feud with Spain over sovereignty of Gibraltar, its ongoing battle over sovereignty over the Falkland Islands with Argentina, for which the disagreement erupted into full scale war in 1982, costing the lives of over 1000 men and women and there a many other examples of Britain being the cause of war, due entirely to it empirical tyranny. Now, the British Broadcasting Corporation tells us that Israel is ‘Carved Out of Palestinian Land’. The British know this to be untrue, they know that they speak outrageous lies when they make such claims, only to support and appease the so called Palestinians and Muslims worldwide, they are not only slave driving war mongers, they are bare faced liars too, they know very well, there is not and never has been any nation state called Palestine. The truth is a little less flattering for the Country which claims to be the very cradle of modern progressive democracy. Britain and France, another colonialist power, decided at the end or WWI they would annex and divide up between them, the vacant Ottoman empire from the defeated Turks, an empire which held great swathes of land in the Middle East. France took its portion calling it Trans Jordan and Britain took what it calls the Holy Land and to honour its old mentor, the Roman Empire out of some twisted feeling of respect, decided to reintroduce the Roman name for Samaria and Judea and called it Palestine. The truth will out they say and so it will, it is here for you to read right now. Do not believe the lying BBC, Britain was forced in bitterness from the Middle East after WWII, a bitterness which the British still harbour and cannot come to terms with the fact is, they are no longer a world power and they resent it enormously. At the end of the WWII, even America would not support its alley, in further post war expansionism and a homeland for what was by then, a decimated Jewish people due to the holocaust, was established in 1948, UPON THE ANCIENT LAND OF THEIR ANCESTORS, though much of it was handed to Jordanian Arabs by the French. The British, after returning Jews to Concentration camps in Germany and intern centres in Cypress, another of the colonialist power’s strongholds in the Mediterranean, the Jewish people finally came came home after centuries of dispossession. It may be worth noting here, the Concentration camp is not a German Nazi invention, but a British Nazi invention, the British used the Concentration camp to great effect for the first time in the Boar war of the early 20th century, as Britain again extended its nefarious power into South Africa, displacing Dutch settlers and Indigenous blacks as well and slaughtering thousands of innocent people. So the next time someone, including the lying British through their official deception and disinformation machine the BBC, which incidentally is a part of MI5/MI6 tells you that Palestine is an ancient country and its people an ancient civilisation, you can tell them, it was not and is not, it is the invention of the two most wicked and evil empires which ever existed, the Romans and the stinking, lying, colonialist BRITISH!

Image result for Pamela Geller

This piece by our friend Pamela Geller.

The jihad on Israel is not only in the massacres of Jewish families while they sit down for Shabbat dinner or sleep in their beds. It is also in the information battle-space, where Israel is eviscerated daily. The propaganda is ugly, evil, and, because it goes categorically unchallenged, rampant. So brazen and confident are these genocidal haters, they think nothing of spreading the most brazen lies.

“BBC Claim: Israel ‘Carved Out of Palestinian Land,’ by Simon Kent, Breitbart, August 25, 2017:

A BBC World Service presenter told his audience that the modern State of Israel was “carved – as it was – out of land which had belonged to the Palestinians.”

The unsupported claim was made in the August 7 edition of the ‘The History Hour’ that included an item (from 26:40) dissecting the meaning and achievements of the Camp David Summit. It that had been aired previously on the same station’s corresponding segment ‘Witness’ and was discussed here.

The global audience listening in to one of the state broadcaster’s most prestigious networks heard presenter Max Pearson introduce the segment with this untested assertion [emphasis added]:

“But before that we’re going to focus on a region which has seen tension and violence for the past 70 years. Just the phrase ‘tension in the Middle East’ has become shorthand for referencing the decades of mistrust between Jews and Arabs following the creation of the State of Israel, carved – as it was – out of land which had belonged to the Palestinians. Giving the Jewish people of the world a homeland was supposed to be the answer to one problem but it created another. There have of course been attempts to broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. One of the last major efforts ended in failure in the year 2000. At that time the two sides had been brought together by the American president Bill Clinton. Farhana Haider has been speaking to the senior diplomatic interpreter Gamal Helal who attended that fateful Camp David summit.”

At no time does the segment acknowledge the long and historically-recorded relationship between Jews and the land of Israel. Nor does it acknowledge that some of Judaism’s holiest sites are located in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount and Western Wall in Jerusalem; the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron; and Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus….

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