Evil in our midst.

Earlier today, this sorry unchristian piece of Satan worshipping trash sent me this message on my morning ministry post, a ministry which almost 4 million people now rely upon for their daily worship.

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Reported for spam. #spam
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I don’t know if G+ have noticed the report made by this servant of the Devil and I don’t care much either. What is certain, is that this hateful individual wants to stop the preaching of God’s word, if any of you would like to check his page, maybe the reasons will become obvious to you, he is certainly not a Christian and should not be within our walls if all he wants to do is practice mischief.

I have blocked him from further comment on any of my posts and I suggest you do the same. To the owners of ‘The Household of God’ community, you may want to consider expulsion for this demon of the devil.

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