I can’t give TEXANS the money I want to donate!

Brothers and sisters, if like me you want to be a good Christian and help your fellow man in time of great trouble, trial and danger, then find another cause other than the relief fund of hurricane Harvey…….

Image result for texas hurricane pictures

I have spent over one hour this evening trying to make a donation of $5.00 to any relief fund that will accept the money to help with relief in the aftermath of one of the most devastating storms in history. The trouble is, I can’t find an organisation which wants ONLY the money. First I tried the American Red Cross, apparently, unless I want to give them $10.00 they don’t want to know, five bucks just isn’t enough for the Red Cross. Then I tried several relief funds, almost all of which are not set up for donations coming from outside the United States, I did however find two organisations which could and so I tried them. By the time I got half way through the form I had to fill in, giving details such as which bedroom I sleep in and how often I go to the bathroom, I decided enough was enough, it would be easier to sent the money in cash to a random address in Houston and pray it helps someone.

Frankly, this is an outrage, I want to give my money, but someone else wants to tell me how much. I want to make a donation, but it feels like I am being waterboarded by the SS and Gestapo just trying to fill out the form with so many personal details, I began to think a guy was going to jump out of my broom cupboard and inject me with Sodium Pentothal in case I didn’t give full details of my nocturnal sexual habits. These people need to focus on collecting money for the disaster fund and the relief of suffering of so many, instead of trying to collect as much private information as possible for the damned CIA!

I am going to send a copy of this letter to The President of the United States, some ass needs kicking and it needs to be kicked by a big boot, POTUS should fit the bill, then and only then, will I try again to make a donation to the poor unfortunate people of Texas and Louisiana who have suffered so much in this storm. May God be with them.

Pastor Don. Roy. Hemingway.

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