A lot more to read and lift your day.

Missing parts of the my Ministry every day, is something you don’t have to do.

Each day I publish a swathe of ministry posts, no doubt many of you will be familiar with the Morning service, the Evensong at around 7.00 pm (My time in central Europe) and the afternoon supplement of ‘Psalms, Prayer and Prophecy’.

Image result for Biblical pictures

I just wanted to let you know, in case you are hungry for more of the lord’s word, I publish other posts of a Christian nature, including the very successful “What a great question” series. You ask your question and I do my best to answer. However, though I publish these other supplements on the CCN website, I do not publish a notice to each community I serve as Pastor, the task of posting to over 30 different communities is daunting enough three times a day, it would be impossible to do it more often, I would never get anything else done. However, there is a solution for those who’s appetite for the Lord’s word, is a little more voracious than others, I do publish a post where it says HERE, bellow, which also carries a link to the website and the exact page where the blog is located, if you would like to take advantage of this extra portion of my ministry, which currently you are missing, click the ‘Here’ above or bellow and you will be redirected to a community where you can see the notice.

I pray this will help those of you who want to follow the lord a little more closely. God Bless you all. Amen……. HERE.

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