September Book Drive….

A boost in book sales means a boost in Church funds. 

This month’s book sales drive is the first international sales drive since we came to the new website designed specifically for International sales purposes. As always, and this will be new to any of you who are on any other continent other than Europe, 25% of all sales revenue is donated to the,Church for our worthy causes project, this year, the IDF widows and Orphans fund.

The Death Cloak by [Hemingway,  Don. Roy] Last Act  of Vengeance. by [Hemingway, Don Roy] Random Kill. by [Hemingway., Don. Roy]

There are three books to choose from, in both Paperback and Kindle formats and are available through Amazon and delivered either electronically or by international airmail direct from Amazon to your door.

Please make your selection from the Amazon sales platform located here at this link.

Image result for Orphans in Modern Israel pictures

Enjoy your reading and thank you for helping to boost the funds of the CCN and helping our project in Israel.

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