Ancient Prayers ✡ “She Prayed To Hashem, Weeping All The While”

Today’s Israel Inspiration…..
The Book of Samuel opens with a heartbroken Chana who has no children, and therefore goes to pray at the Mishkan (tabernacle) in Shiloh. The Mishkan stood in Shiloh for 369 years before the building of the Beit Hamikdash in Yerushalayim.

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During that time, Shiloh served as the central focal point of the national service to Hashem. Unfortunately, many of the Israelites ignored the Mishkan, and refrained from visiting it for the pilgrimage festivals. Therefore, when Elkana and Chana, who were prophets, made their pilgrimages to Shiloh, they travelled along different routes each time, in order to encourage others to join them, and to serve Hashem properly.

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Remains of Ancient Shiloh.

Established in 1978, contemporary Shiloh is a thriving Jewish community built adjacent to the ancient site where the Mishkan stood and where Chana prayed for a child. In addition to the fascinating archaeological site, excavated by the Israel Antiquities Authority, modern Shiloh contains several synagogues, one of which is built as a replica of the Mishkan. However, Shiloh is in a community over the Green Line.

Sadly, it has been struck by repeated acts of terror – and many of the children of Shiloh suffer from mental and physical challenges as a result. The Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund focuses on helping these affected children lead normal and happy lives.

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When you give to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, you provide traumatized children with life-changing and healing therapy that can help them be kids again … Your generous gift to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund will help heal the trauma of terrorism in the lives of child victims. Remember – your gift can create miracles out of pain for girls and boys!

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Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund

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