Nominal Christianity….. It’s just not the real thing, it’s fake!

Are you really Born again, or are you one of those NOMINAL CHRISTIANS Jesus warned us all about, you know the ones, those to whom Jesus will say, “Get thee hence from my sight, I never knew thee nor thy works.”

One of the problems found in many parts of the Christian world today, is what is called nominal Christianity. This problem is found in many places, including just about any Christian country you care to name, in recent years, most especially Great Britain and The United States. Nominal means “by name only” and nominal Christianity refers to communities of people who claim to be Christian, but who know little if anything of personal salvation, sanctification, and service to the lord and His people. Often, the majority of these communities are made of people who do not know Jesus Christ personally as their Saviour. They need to be reached for the Lord, but many don’t want to be reached, nor do they want a Priest on a mission for God, to reach out to anyone else either.

Today, as many of you will now know, some of the NOMINAL CHRISTIANS in the communities I serve as Pastor, got my dander up and I cut lose on them and told them a few home truths. Being mean and stingy with money is one thing, not everyone can afford to support the Church and I both know and accept that, times are hard for almost everyone today, save for a very few who are a little more fortunate than the rest. However, In almost all of my recent posts, I have literally begged the communities which I serve, to be GOOD CHRISTIANS and at least share the post with others, thereby keeping the commandment of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus, to go out into the world and spread His message of forgiveness and salvation.

Mark 15:16.

King James Bible
And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

A short time ago, after seeing my preaching posts here on G+, a lady sent me an invitation to her community and I have been posting the Ministry to that Community ever since. Today however, I sent that community a copy of my public post which had the following attached to it, as some of you will have seen….

Image result for Bible event pictures

Will you please make a slight and very small effort to live up to your title as a CHRISTIAN and share this post, so that others may become Christians too. FOR GOD’S SAKE, how hard can it be to click on your mouse and share a post!!!???

As you can see from the harsh delivery of what I said, I was pretty angry when I wrote it, angry that so many were just ignoring the Lord’s commandment and were not and still are not ‘Going out into the world and preaching the Gospel of Christ Jesus’ and His eternal Salvation, almost as though some people had decided that others were not worthy to receive it. Well I have news for anyone who has that thought, Jesus decides who is worthy, NOT YOU!

A short time ago, that is to say, earlier today, I heard from the lady who had invited me to her community, she commented on one of the preaching posts I had sent out earlier, she had this to say….

I am extremely grateful to you for sharing your teachings with us, but I have no intention of helping financially or sharing elsewhere, if this community is not worthy enough of you sharing your posts with, then you don’t need to do so anymore. God bless you brother.

And with that, she booted me out of the community, her name is Janet McGoldrick and she is a prime example of a NOMINAL CHRISTIAN and certainly one who thinks that my Priestly duty is to blow sunshine in her direction 24/7 but not to criticise or chasten for most unchristian conduct. I have a message for Miss McGoldrick and any other Nominal Christian who reads this blog, if you take offence when I tell you that your Christian ways ain’t cutting the mustard, what are you going to do when Jesus returns and says he never knew you, throw a wobbly fit and Kick Him out of the Community??? If you are a Nominal Christian, you don’t need me to tell you, you already know it if you are being honest with yourself, so get this and get it good and get it straight, this is what the Bible says about those who don’t keep the lord’s commandments.

Image result for Bible event pictures

Revelation 21:8.

King James Bible
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death..

Now, the next time you see one of my preaching posts, PLEASE, take a moment and consider what Jesus told you to do, you don’t have to prepare the message, nor do you have to pony up the cost of delivering it, I have already done that, but it would be a great Service to the lord, if you took a moment to send that message on to another person who may be searching for Christ Jesus and His wonderful Salvation in the steadfast love of the one true living God.

One final thing, so you can fully understand why NOMINAL CHRISTIANITY is fake Christianity. On the same post which Miss McGoldrick told me what I can do with my ministry, one young man got the message and promised to share the post, Miss McGoldric, as owner of the Community, cancelled the post out so that he could not do as he had promised. NOMINAL CHRISTIANITY is not Service to God, it serves a darker master.

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