Australia: Muslim community “reeling” after “pig head hate crime”.

Why is this a crime at all? A rude act, maybe, but a crime? And why isn’t the Muslim community at Jimboomba “reeling” after jihad massacres carried out in the name of Islam? Aren’t the lives of infidels more important to them than a pig’s head? Maybe not. 

“Jimboomba mosque stands staunch despite pig head hate crime,” by Judith Kerr, Quest Newspapers, September 5, 2017 (thanks to Tom):

THE Muslim community at Jimboomba has been left reeling after a decapitated pig’s head was left at the front gate of the Stockleigh mosque on Monday, September 4.

Jimboomba police were quick to respond.

A spokesman for Imam Ahmed Nadeem, Zain Baig, said an investigation was ongoing and encouraged those who may have left the animal’s head to contact him to get to know the mosque community.

“Our doors are always open to visitors,” he said. “This is not just our mosque but the mosque of the community at large.

Image result for Pigs heads pictures

I know it’s wicked to laugh at the plight of poor picked on Muslims, BUT….  HAA HAA HAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Man that feels better.

“We do not consider pigs to be cursed or bad innately.

“Its flesh is only forbidden in Islam to safeguard one’s physical and spiritual health.

“Muslims are allowed to eat pig’s meat, in order to survive, in case nothing else is available.”

Mr Baig said the mosque was looking at the act as “someone leaving us a gift”….

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