Islamic State Supporters Challenges Doubters of Group’s Claim for Las Vegas Attack.

It’s not just the Islamic State (and CBS lawyersleftwing teachers) celebrating the slaughter, it’s an untold number. These Muslims are confident Paddock is one of theirs.


October 4, 2017, SITE:

Responding to those who doubt the Islamic State’s (IS) claim of credit for the Las Vegas attack, group supporters challenged the reasons for suspicion, and one remarked that the truth is more terrifying to Americans than concocted fiction.

First, in a message distributed on pro-IS Telegram channels on October 3, 2017, a jihadist argued that the U.S. intelligence has failed and the “crusaders” are “desperately”attempting to cover this up, while the IS is waiting the appropriate time to uncover the facts. He pointed to the suspicions that followed the claim by the group’s Sinai Province for the downing of a Russian airliner in October 2015, and it ultimately revealing the bomb used in an issue of Dabiq magazine.

Another message, published on the Deep Web pro-IS forum al-Minbar Jihadi Media on October 3 by a prolific poster, explained that the fact that the executor is an older white man and allegedly converted to Islam and pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, does not fit the norm and thus instills fear in Americans. He wrote:

The other dangerous issue if they do admit that the executer of this operation is from the State and had pledged allegiance to the Caliph – and he is white and his name is Stephen, and he did it with nobody knowing anything about him being Muslim, and who had a gun closet, like many others of the Southern White people, and is a senior – is that it will definitely cause a psychological catastrophe among the Americans. Then, any American would not know if his neighbor the white guy named Jonathan might be wanting to behead him, because this Johnathan is actually one of the soldiers of the Caliphate… In short, everybody becomes a source of suspicion, because in the past only he who has black or brown skin and his name is Muhammad and has a beard was the terrorist.

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