*GRAPHIC* Muslim gunmen attack Christmas caroling event, slash throats, kill 38 in multiple attacks in Nigeria.

Women and children were the major casualties.

Black lives don’t matter when they don’t serve the vicious agenda of the hard left.

A Nigerian man by name, Steven Kefas from Southern Kaduna has shared graphic photos of people who were reportedly attacked by Muslim gunmen on Friday in Nindem village of Southern Kaduna.

Some of the victims had their neck slashed while others were left disfigured on the face. (source Apex)

“Islamic law forbids the subjugated People of the Book (Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians) to make public display of their religious festivals. The dhimmis “are forbidden…to ring church bells or display crosses…recite the Torah or Evangel aloud, or make public display of their funerals or feastdays” (Reliance of the Traveller, o11.5 (6).

Gunmen shot at people, including women and children, in two villages.

No fewer than 38 persons were killed on Monday night in separate attacks on two villages in Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna state.

The Council Chairman, Emmanuel Adamu, told journalists in Sanga that the attacks were carried out simultaneously.

Mr. Adamu said the gunmen unleashed mayhem on Ankpon Village in Nandu and Kabamu Village in Fadan Karshi, all of Numana district. He said the gunmen killed 38 persons including women and children.

“21 people were killed in Fadan Kashi while 17 killed in Nandu,” he said.


By Sodiq Adekunle, Independent,December 24, 2017:

No fewer than four people have been killed and eight others injured in an attack by a lone gunman at Nindem village of Godogodo District in Jemaa Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

The Commander, `Operation Safe Haven’ in the area, Col. Idong Ekpeyong, told newsmen on Saturday in Kafanchan that the gunman opened fire on a group of people while observing Christmas Carol at a village square.

He said troops of the `Operation Safe Haven’ responded to a distress call over the attack and apprehended a number of people in the locations.
Ekpeyong said the victims were conveyed to the Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa Hospital, Kafanchan for medical attention.

He said the army and the police were conducting an investigation into the incident.

According to him, normalcy has been restored in the area to prevent further breakdown of law and order.

Now we must ask a most valid question. Is it not now obvious to anyone, that it is time for the rest of the world to openly wage war on Islam and systematically slaughter all 1.6 billion of the murdering bastards? This commentator is convinced that no other course is possible if the civilized world is to survive, if there is to be a future of freedom for our children.

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