Fury as UK foreign aid money ($30m/£25m) is spent on funding Muslim Terrorists and jihad education against Jews.

Editorial comment by Pastor Don Roy Hemingway. 

Brothers and sisters and interested parties. Please be aware, I have had my eye on Britain for many years and I am certain of a few things because of my observations, things the Limey’s just do not want the world to know. Oppression has been a feature of British life for over 50 years now, no matter who or what party has been in power, successive governments of that imprisoned Island, have succeeded where Adolph Hitler and his Nazis failed and make no mistake, Britain is a Nazi stronghold for that nation’s master Satan. Because I constantly observe the internationally illegal conduct of the Limeys, I can say this with some authority, the evil stinking Nazi bastards have always known where their aide money to Palestine was really going, Teresa May, the latest dictator to lead the Monarchy secured state, just could not care less if she gets caught in state sponsored terrorism, she is just as arrogant as Barrack Obama. 


Over the past few years Britain has given the Palestinian Authority hundreds of millions of dollars.
This madness finally stopped.
The British government’s Department for International Development has reportedly frozen part of its aid to the Palestinian Authority after it was proven the aid was being used to fund salaries for convicted Muslim terrorists who murdered non-Muslims “in the name of Allah”.
Australia, Canada, the US should do the same.

Radical Muslim terrorists all over the world carry out terror attacks “in the name of Allah”.
They justify their violence by quoting verses from the Quran.
Politicians in the West always claim “Islam is a religion of peace”,
Despite the fact that some Muslims and even former Muslims such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sandra Solomon claim that there are verses in the Quran and the Islamic scriptures that call for violence against infidels that often what leads to the violence and terrorism carried out against infidels by Muslims.
Christians are the world’s most persecuted religious group, according to studies
Christians and other Non-Muslim minorities throughout the Muslim world are being persecuted for being non-Muslims.
The Christian community in Iraq and Syria was completely annihilated by radical Muslims, anyone who could not escape and refused to convert to Islam was executed.

The Western world ignores the cruel persecution of Christians in the Muslim world. Where are all the human rights organizations of the UN? Where are all human rights organizations in the West? Please pray for the Christian minorities in the Muslim world. Liberals and leftists in the West use the made up term “Islamophobia” to portray anyone who criticizes Islam as a “racist”. They ignore the fact that Islam is an ideology that has nothing to do with race.

There is an attempt in the West to impose a sharia-blasphemy law to criminalize criticism of Islam.
It started when Saudi Arabia and Muslim countries tried to pass a UN resolution to force Western states to criminalize criticism of Islam.
Today The Parliament in Canada passed “Motion M-103” to condemn the so-called “Islamophobia (Fear of Islam)” in a preparation for a blasphemy law in Canada.
According to the sharia blasphemy law anyone who criticizes Islam or the Prophet Muhammad should be killed.
Under Sharia blasphemy law in Saudi Arabia and Iran Muslims are executed if they are accused of blasphemy.
In Pakistan, the situation is even worse, radical Muslims use the blasphemy law to persecute the Christian minority.
Is this the law the liberals in the West want to adopt?
If you think Sharia blasphemy law has no place in the West, share this post!

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