WATCH: New Year’s Nightmare Unfolds As Migrants Transform City Of Lights Into Horror Show.

For many in the United States, New Year’s Eve was a safe and uneventful night. Even in New York City, where the biggest celebration occurs, things were relatively calm. That’s not the case around the world. Because of years of shocking ignorance, Europe is facing a humanitarian crisis. Their citizens are in constant danger, thanks to migrants. Once peaceful events are now opportunities for violence and destruction. That’s just what happened this NYE in Paris as migrants transformed the City of Lights into a horror show.

We may never understand why Europe’s leaders are so pathetic. Despite the danger, they continue to welcome migrants into their countries. These people are not refugees of war, but economic refugees. They come from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, seeking handouts from naive European governments. These people abuse the countries and harass native citizens.

From England to Germany to Sweden, these nations are crumbling. Migrants refuse to work. They turn once calm communities into ghettos. Police, ambulance workers, and even mail carriers refuse to enter these “no-go zones.” Why? Because of the entitled, often Muslim, migrants who will attack them if they do. These so-called refugees take the government’s free benefits, then proceed to abuse, harass, rape, and kill the citizens.

The countries have no response. They refuse to send these freeloading criminals packing. The end result? Law-abiding citizens can’t go out into their own cities. Big events like New Year’s Eve are filled with peril. That’s just what happened in Paris. A night of celebration was turned into horror, as a female police officer was savagely beaten. Throughout the region, cars burned and many were arrested, proving what a “great victory” the migrant crisis has been!

New Year’s Eve celebrations in France led to national outcry after footage of a female police officer being savagely attacked surfaced, among reports that over 1,000 cars were burned overnight and 510 arrests took place.

The female police officer was attacked alongside her male inspector in the Paris suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne by a large mob in the early hours of Monday morning, with both individuals being hospitalised.

In the footage widely shared to social media, a large group of African appearance males stand around cheering as a female police officer is kicked to the ground, taking several blows to the head. In other parts of social media footage shared by Front National member of parliament Gilbert Collard, men cheer as cars are rolled over.

Champigny-sur-Marne : une policière lynchée par “une foule”. Il est temps de réagir, s’il n’est pas trop tard ; plus de parole, mais des décisions et des actions répressives. Indéfectible soutien à la police

<p><a href=”″>#Champigny sur marne 2018 #Police #Compilation</a> from <a href=”″>Thierry Arnoux</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

According to reports, this large gang was trying to break into private property. When the officers tried to intervene, they were viciously attacked. It took reinforcements, using grenades and gunfire, to rescue their colleagues.

It’s no surprise that violence took place in this region. Thanks to France’s irresponsible migrant policy, the neighbourhood is now a no-go zone. Attacks like this are expected, whenever cops arrive.

Champigny-sur-Marne, which is the home of three “Zones Urbaines Sensibles” — French government language for areas of extreme deprivation which are known in common discourse as heavily migrant-populated No Go Zones — is also the former home of suspected French Islamic State executioner Michael Dos Santos.

French officials refuse to end the migrant policy, which is causing this violence. Entire communities are being destroyed by entitled migrants. These people have zero respect for their host nation, its customs, or people. But, that was only the tip of the iceberg this New Years Eve, which saw plenty of destruction.

The news of the attack comes as the French government revealed the shocking extent of violence across the country on New Year’s Eve, despite some 140,000 members of the security forces being deployed to the streets to keep order. Some 1,031 cars were burnt out over the course of the night, up from 935 the year before, and arrests stood at 510, up from 456.

Hardly a rousing success. France’s leadership is apparently okay with their capital city being destroyed — all to avoid the difficult task of confronting these migrants. Why do they do it? Is political correctness that important? They can’t even keep their police officers safe. What does that say about regular citizens?

It is a lesson for the United States. We cannot let millions of strangers flood our country, unchecked. The damage to cities and communities would be irreparable. Yet, there are liberal leaders in America who not only want that to happen, they pass laws to protect the wrongdoers! Until such policies are brought to an end, citizens will be in danger.

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