Ignoring the rise of antisemitism of International Holocaust Remembrance Day #NeverForget.

Editorial by Pastor Don Roy Hemingway.

More years have passed than I have been alive, since that great and heartfelt declaration by an almost forgotten generation, to never let this happen again, not just to Jews, but to anyone. Since that time, 73 years have passed and yet, though the writing is on the wall again in Europe and being ignored, again the same evil is emanating from a German dictator, not only is it going to happen again and to the same race of people, it is being perpetrated by the same evil ideology of Nazism, thrust at the Jews of Europe by Islam and its hoard of murdering Muslims and empowered by the femnazi whore Angela Merkel and her French collaborators. War is coming to this tired of war continent yet again and why??? Because in all the years that have passed since the last great battle and the end of war and the murder in the death camps, Europeans still rely on the goodwill of their political leaders, instead of fencing them in with the law. Angela Merkel is not alone in her love of Nazi Islam and the Murder and rape the Muslim savages perpetrate, like a disease, almost all Western politicians are infected with the same terminal mental disorder, a disorder which does not kill the host, but everyone else who does not subscribe to the demon dream of Muslim led multiculturalism. At age 66, I am now certain, this continent will erupt into the bloodiest war in history during my lifetime. The only saving grace will be the inevitable outcome, a lot of executed lame brained leftist politicians and the slaughter of the savages of Islam. Blood once more will run knee deep in the streets of London, Paris and Berlin and the bodies will once more be piled in their thousands at every corner, but this time, THEY SHALL NOT BE JEWS!

Europe’s Holocaust remembrance events and memorials ring hollow, desperate really, in light of the rampant violent antisemitism forcing a max exodus of Jews from the continent. The Holocaust, while it was a German initiative, was carried out by every nation in Europe, save for the Danes. There were Dutch Nazis, Polish Nazis — Europe as a continent decided rid itself of its Jews. Holland, for example, had the highest rate of collaboration with the Nazis, 95% of Dutch Jews were murdered.

The lesson Europe should have taken away from the Holocaust but didn’t was that they were evil and they have to be good. And that is the lesson they did not learn. They are still unable and willing to make moral distinctions and stand up for the good and fight evil.

But it’s not just Europe. Look at how the left has partnered with Muslim antisemites here in the US to norm genocidal Jew-hatred.

I am sick and tired of the fetishism of dead Jews and the endless memorials to Holocaust victims while the international community dehumanizes and delegitimizes the Jewish people and their state, the same dehumanization that preceded the Holocaust. Muslim Islamic antisemitism is driving the worldwide rise in Jew-hatred.

And here we are 60 years later and Europe and the left in America is importing an army of these Jew haters.

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) members have mocked the Holocaust for years. Their shocking anti-Semitism includes Holocaust denial, praising Hitler, laughing at the genocide of 6 million Jews in Nazi concentration camps, and calling for the murder of Jews.

This Holocaust Remembrance Day, DO NOT REMAIN SILENT in the face of hatred. Join the fight against anti-Semitism and share this video:
#EndTheHatred #WeRemember #SJPholocaust

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein slammed the Europeans’ duplicity, claiming to fight anti-Semitism while assailing Israel and embracing its enemies.


Europe’s ‘contradictory messages’ on anti-Semitism

During a special ceremony held at the European Parliament in Brussels to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Wednesday, Edelstein listed anti-Semitic incidents that took place in Europe during the last year, including Jews in Bochum, Germany hiding their identities for fear of attack, a synagogue firebombing in Gothenburg, Sweden, and calls of “death to the Jews” in Vienna, London, and Berlin rallies.

”What have we learned?” Edelstein asked.

Since the Holocaust, much has been done across Europe to acknowledge “the painful truth” of the Holocaust, Edelstein noted. “Politicians, media outlets, academics, and engaged citizens have stood up to combat anti-Semitic rhetoric and acts,” he said.

“Yet, for all the work that has been done, I fear that the post-war sense of mission has faded, leaving the real issues unaddressed,” he underscored.

“What has been learned from all the [Holocaust] memorials if synagogues across Europe need round-the-clock protection? Is Holocaust education effective if Jews on this continent don’t wear a kippah or a Star of David necklace for fear of attack?” he stated.

He called on Europe to take proper action, beyond the “words, resolutions and good intentions.”

“The efforts to combat anti-Semitism and to protect the Jews of Europe are sincerely appreciated, but what is the message when elected officials march with the Jewish community one day and against Israel the next?” he wondered. “When leaders embrace the local rabbi in solidarity after a hate crime and treat Hamas as a legitimate voice? When an attack is condemned as anti-Semitic and then Israel is denounced for fabricated war crimes?”

“These contradictory messages do not build trust. Instead, they prevent us from meeting our joint obligations,” he stated.
All anti-Semitism is wrong

In a similar vein, he criticized a European delegation that recently visited Iran.

“No one mentioned Holocaust denial that has become a regular occurrence for the Iranian regime. I am sure no one protested the cartoon contest that ridiculed the Holocaust using the oldest and worst anti-Semitic stereotypes,” he said, holding the cartoon that won first prize, which suggests that the Jewish people exploit the Holocaust for financial gain at the world’s expense.

“For ‘Never Again’ to really mean ‘never again,’ consistent and sincere actions are necessary,” Edelstein said. “Antisemitism – wherever it rears its ugly head, for whatever reason, is wrong and must be fought at every turn. Writing off such acts as ‘mere opposition to Israel’ is absurd.”

“Antisemitism has no excuse – not religion, not poverty, not lack of education, and not political disagreements,” he cautioned, while warning that “today we know that we ignore hatred and intolerance at our peril.”

He also called on European countries to follow the US in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, “acknowledging both our ancient heritage and our modern history.”

“This parliament is an inspiration to Europe and the world. Use your standing to realise the values on which this institution was founded,” he concluded.

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