Photo the Enemedia Will Never Publish or Report On.

More news the media censors, scrubs and censors. Because it’s Jews. And the enemedia supports the jihad against the Jewish state.

Photo: Israeli civilians ducking to the floor of a train, as “code red” sirens go off after Hamas rocket attack.

About an hour ago from the time of this post, palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired a rocket towards southern Israel. As sirens sounded in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council and Sderot, this photo of Israelis in a train, lying on the floor trying to protect themselves, was taken.

Thankfully, the rocket landed in an open area, with no reports of casualties or damage.

But you are deluding yourselves if you think there are no psychological scars from this. Can you even fathom what it must be like to live in fear of the next siren – and subsequent dash to a safe space to avoid being hit by a rocket?

Meanwhile, the palestinian Shehab News have posted the photo on their Facebook Page, as a way of gloating.

Note the number of likes, smiley faces and hearts under the post – those are all people who are happy to see Israelis with their lives in danger.

One thought on “Photo the Enemedia Will Never Publish or Report On.

  1. Praying for all of our Jewish Brethren that our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ will keep them and their families safe from every attack and Bless them all to come to the Saving Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ And Their Messiah, we pray for God’s Divine Hedge Of Protection for His People and that every evil plot and plan against The Jewish People and Jerusalem and Israel Will Be Exposed And Brought To Nought In Jesus Precious Name, And all the enemies of Israel will be brought to shame and fear The God Of Israel,The God Of Abraham, Issac And Jacob, Lord Let Your Peace Be Upon Jerusalem, Isreal Thank You Abba Father in Jesus Mighty Name we pray amen


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