Turkey’s Erdogan attacked by horse – since then, trying to get this video removed from social media.

There is no freedom of speech or open debate journalism in Turkey. 
The Turkish president puts himself at the same level of the Prophet Muhammad. No one in Turkey has the right to criticize the Prophet Muhammad, President Erdogan, or Islam. Erdogan has decideddhe is now a god and therefore has the right to order the death of anyone, as he did with this fine horse. 

Erdoğan fell off a horse named Cihan just after he started to ride during the inauguration ceremony of a park in the Bayrampaşa district of İstanbul.Under Turkish law, no one is allowed to insult or laugh at the president. Recently, Germany allowed the Turkish president to sue a German blogger who made fun of Erdogan. This video may cause great embarrassment to the President of Turkey, so please share it.Erdogan invaded Kurdish Afrin in Syria in order to “fight ISIS”, but in reality he bombs Kurdish civilians. Turkey is committing war crimes against the Kurds. Why is the world silent? There are still countries that deny the Armenian genocide. Turkey is pressuring countries not to recognize Armenian Genocide because Turkey wants to repeat it with the Kurds. All Western countries must support the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to achieve their own state. The European Union must cancel all agreements with the Islamic state of Turkey.

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