Pakistan: Torture of Christian by federal investigators exposes brutality of state machinery and vulnerability of non-Muslims in the country.

On February 25, the Geller Report brought you the harrowing story of Sajid Masih, a Pakistani Christian whose cousin Patras Masih has been falsely accused of blasphemy. Officials of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) tortured Sajid and demanded that he perform oral sex on Patras. To avoid doing so, he jumped out the window of the building.

After Christians have been abused in this way in Pakistan for decades, with hardly anyone taking notice, this case has finally called attention to how much Christians suffer in Pakistan, both from Muslims eager to victimize them and seize their property or possessions by means of false blasphemy claims, and by officials who sympathize with the persecutors and bring the victims no justice. Will this case bring an end to that in Pakistan? No, but it may be a beginning.

“The story of Patras and Sajid Masih,” by Asif Aqeel, The News on Sunday, March 4, 2018 (thanks to RB):

Communal tensions are still simmering in a Christian neighbourhood in Lahore that narrowly escaped being burned to ashes on February 18. Located at the end of Dhair, a densely populated town near Shahdara Morh, this Christian neighbourhood is terror-stricken. Christians of the area fear that their houses can be attacked any time in the name of religion.

The young man at the centre of the story, 18-year-old Patras Masih, was remanded to jail on Feb 25, charged under 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code, which is about the use of derogatory remarks, etc., in respect of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Patras is the main suspect in the Shahdara blasphemy incident, and during interrogation, Patras allegedly named his cousin, Sajid Masih, 24, a janitor in a local college, in the crime. Sajid was promptly summoned to the FIA building holding Patras.

According to Sajid, when he arrived at the building of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Temple Road in Lahore on Feb 23, he was tortured and forced to perform sex with his cousin Patras by some officials of the agency. In order to escape this, Sajid jumped from the FIA building and suffered multiple fractures.

“They had called me to come and get my cell phone checked. I went myself to the office where Patras was also present,” Sajid told The News on Sunday (TNS) at Mayo Hospital, after regaining consciousness.

“They beat me with fists and kicks and then with a computer electrical cable,” Sajid continued. “I asked them why they were beating me. They said my fault was that I was Patras’ cousin. Then they told me to call myself and Patras ‘laanti’ [accursed] which I did. Then they ordered me to take Patras’ [trousers] off and perform oral sex on him, but I refused, saying that he was my brother and I couldn’t. Then they started yelling at me.”

“Finding no other way, I jumped from the window – I do not know what happened after that.”

Sajid was first taken to General Hospital but after a few hours he was shifted to Mayo Hospital. There he was operated upon, and now he is stable. His broken jaw needs an operation which, according to his brother Wajid Masih who has been by his side in the hospital, will be done later. So far, operations have been performed on both his legs.

“Because his blood pressure and breathing is not normal so his broken jaw can not be operated upon, but it will be fixed later when he feels better,” said Wajid.

Khalid Saeed, the FIA inspector investigating the case, lodged a criminal case against Sajid at the Civil Lines Police Station, the day after he jumped from the FIA building. The charge against him? Attempted suicide.

The FIR against Sajid reads that “During the investigation, Sajid was questioned in the presence of Patras Masih regarding the blasphemous pictures of Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) grave. The forensic expert took his cell phone and asked for his Facebook username and password. On this, Sajid became terrified and apologised, saying he had deleted the controversial page and the blasphemous pictures. Fearful of recovery of the pictures, Sajid jumped off the window and fell on a car porch.”

The FIA Deputy Director Khawaja Hammad told BBC Urdu that Patras Masih was beaten on the court premises by complainants when he was presented there on Feb 23. He told the BBC that a request had been sent to Facebook to provide information about the group in which the blasphemous picture was posted.

“During the investigation, Patras mentioned Sajid, after which he was asked to join the investigation. When Sajid was being interrogated, he first threw his cell phone from the window and then hung outside the window to threaten us. Then his hand slipped and he fell down,” Hammad said.

However, the account of the FIA Deputy Director and that of the inspector do not match. This in itself, says a lot about the case. Unfortunately, however, Sajid’s family does not have the means, or the backing, to lodge a case against the FIA…

Editorial note by Senior Pastor Don Roy Hemingway.

A few short days ago, I reported on another atrocity which took place in Islamic Pakistan a little over a week ago. A Christian Church was attacked by a mob of crazed Muslims, as the congregation sang hymns of praise inside. The mob, so called ordinary people practicing the religion of peace, stormed the Church and murdered 26 innocent children of God, as police officers stood watching the event like a rerun of a football cup final and then, turned and walked away when the maniacal Muslim murderers began to burn what was left of the Church and the bodies of the latest victims of Islamic Jihadist assassination. In the same way in which today, I report yet another atrocity carried out by another mob of lunatic murderous Muslims in Pakistan, so I reported the last one on various platforms of social media. A day later, one individual who read my post asked a very reasonable question, “why didn’t the police stop the mob, prevent the murders and save lives as they are sworn to do?” My answer, as it seems to me, was perfectly reasonable. “The police did nothing, because they too are Muslims and equally a bunch of murdering bastards.” Today, as I serve up yet another bitter portion of Islamic debauchery and murder in this report, I have to console myself with the fact that I can still reach some people around the world and speak the unpopular non politically correct truth on a few social media platforms, but not Facebook. That is correct my friends, my comment on the Pakistani police drew the fire of Mark (the Nazi) Zuckerberg and his elite gestapo and the next thing I am told is, “You are banned from Facebook for three days.” That’s OK, I couldn’t care less about Zuckerberg or his Facebook, but I do care that Zuckerberg and his SS stormtroopers cancelled out my first amendment right to freedom of speech, I care even more, that this evil bastard and his mob of out of control Nazis, supported a bunch of murdering Muslims and for their sake, attacked me, a Christian Priest. Zuckerberg is as guilty as the mob who committed these atrocities and one day, he must hang alongside such undignified scum as Barack Obama and the evil Clinton’s. It is a sad fact my brothers and sisters, war is once again about to flair from one side of this planet to the other and, as crazy as it sounds, for the same reason as the last time. WWII was about the Nazis and a crazy man called Hitler, this time it is Islam and the mad Muslims, along with the lunatic leftists and communists. They may be different in name, but their ideology is the same, it is still all about ultimate unbridled power and world domination. PDRH.

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