A message to my blog followers and friends on facebook.

Hello brothers and sisters, good to be back with you after my three and a half day ban imposed by the Nazis here at Facebook, for exercising my first amendment right to free speech.


The EVIL of Islam is beyond all endurance, Islam MUST be stamped out.

I made a comment about a Muslim mob in Pakistan, they attacked a defenceless Christian Church and murdered 26 innocent children of God while Muslim police officers watched the event like a football match and did nothing. My comment was directed at those police officers and Muslims in general and the comment was less than flattering. I am a fully fledged, born again and ordained Christian Priest, I was angry and distraught at the news I was reporting at the time, but that means nothing to the power brokers of Facebook, they supported the Muslim mob and the delinquent police officers who refused to do their duty and imposed punishment on me, a devoted man of God. Well done facebook, when the time comes to face those you have wrongfully punished for calling a nut and bolt a nut and bolt, just in case you were wondering, you will not get away with the tale, “I was just doing my job”, or “I was was just obeying orders”. You have lined up with the Nazis. By the way Mr Zuckerberg, as well as being a Priest, I am also an author, just in case you would like to burn my books.

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