London mayor welcomes a Saudi prince, who beheads gays, but not president Trump who criticizes Islam.

London mayor welcomes a Saudi prince who practices Islam by beheading women but not President Trump who criticizes Islam. 
The Muslim mayor of London said Trump is not welcome in the UK because he does not respect Islam. 
Where was Sadiq Khan, that bastion of liberal left values who has spent the last year or so acting as a self-appointed spokesperson for the UK when it comes to deciding which foreign dignitaries are allowed to visit and which are not? Was he protesting himself or organising mass protests on the streets as he clearly plans do do with President Trump. 

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia visited the U.K.
Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow any faith to be practiced or depicted other than Islam. Saudi Arabia stones women for adultery. Cheap Labour are flown in from poor Asian countries and treated like dirt with no rights. Saudi has not taken in a single refugee from Syria despite being on the doorstep of the war torn country. Sadiq Khan,
where are you? We can’t hear you Sadiq?

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