NOTICE… To those faceless, nameless S.S. And Gestapo operatives @ Facebook, google+, Twitter and the like of social media….

By Pastor Don Roy Hemingway. 

These social platforms may have been set up by you, they are certainly owned by you and no one wants to take the crust out of your mouth. However, you must now recognise, these social network platforms are the modern day town square, the contemporary Speakers Corner, the veritable public soap box of the sons and daughters of Liberty. 


This is a message to all those faceless and nameless haters and anti Semites at Facebook, Twitter, google+ and other social media platforms who are constantly on watch for those of us who have not been seduced by the dark side of this liberal farce which is overtaking the Western world and continue to exercise our first amendment right to freely say what we believe to be the obvious truth. Many of us here on these feeds, are sick to the back teeth of being silenced by you,  as we state the truth about Islam and its hate and death dealing Muslims who follow the blood letting cult. We say what we see, we state what is true and clearly visible across the whole world concerning the savages of Islam. Murder, rape, bestiality, paedophilia and a whole host of debauchery which is unspeakable. This I say to you now and you need to bear it in mind for the future, you may ban us now for speaking the truth, but you will pay for your crimes on the end of a rope later, you will not be forgotten or forgiven and you will not escape any more than Adolph Eichmann did after WWII,  we will hunt you down to the ends of the earth for your treason and assistance in the most horrendous crimes, committed by Muslims with your help and aid, against the whole of humanity. You will not get away with claiming you were only obeying orders or that the actions you took against your fellow men and women was somehow justifiable because the boss told you so, in short, you personally will one day,  be held accountable for your own part in attempting to destroy Western civilisation for the sake lunatic liberals and evil Muslims. Either change your policy now toward those of us who speak the truth about Islam and its Muslims, which by the way is not a race, or pay the ultimate price for your crimes against the whole of humanity when the world regains its sanity.

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