Canadian woman deported from Britain for criticizing Islam – Sharia blasphemy law in the UK

Canadian YouTuber and Activist Lauren Southern Denied Entry, Detained in the UK, on her way to the UK by bus, she has been singled out by the border polic and Jailed Because She’s Conservative. 
The detention comes on the same day that they released American YouTuber and Anti-Islam activist Brittany Pettibone and Austrian activist Martin Sellner after refusing them entry into the nation and detaining them for nearly three days. 
Fascinating that the U.K. Border Force allows so many illegals and ISIS terrorists to slip through the cracks, but it’s suddenly the most competent Border Force in the world when it comes to banning two female conservative independent journalists and an Identitarian activist. 
Shame on Britain, shame on the British government and shame on the British authorities. 
Shari’a blasphemy law is being enforced by law enforcement agencies in the UK. 
People are not allowed to criticize Islam in Britain. It’s crazy! 
Political correctness is designed to camouflage the problems of multiculturalism in the West. 
The political elite wants to control your thoughts about Islam and tell you what to share on social media. 
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Liberals and leftists in the West use the made up term “Islamophobia” to portray anyone who criticizes Islam as a “racist”.
Radical Muslim terrorists all over the world carry out terror attacks “in the name of Allah”.
They justify their violence by quoting verses from the Quran.
Islamophobia is a made up word created by the Muslim Brotherhood specifically to silence debate.
Liberals and leftists ignore the fact that Islam is an ideology that has nothing to do with race.
Islamophobia is a neologism created to silence any possible debate about the problems Islamic extremism has got with modernity, with the intention of using the collective post-colonial “guilt” to exempt a particular set of beliefs from scrutiny, analysis and criticism.
It’s a buzzword used in an attempt to silence anyone, whenever had legit questions or criticisms about the religion.
Islam is not a race. It’s a religion.

There is an attempt in the West to impose a sharia-blasphemy law to criminalize criticism of Islam.
It started when Saudi Arabia and Muslim countries tried to pass a UN resolution to force Western states to criminalize criticism of Islam.
The Parliament in Canada passed “Motion M-103” to condemn the so-called “Islamophobia (Fear of Islam)” in a preparation for a blasphemy law in Canada.
According to the sharia blasphemy law anyone who criticizes Islam or the Prophet Muhammad should be killed.
Under Sharia blasphemy law in Saudi Arabia and Iran Muslims are executed if they are accused of blasphemy.
In Pakistan, the situation is even worse, radical Muslims use the blasphemy law to persecute the Christian minority.
Is this the law the liberals in the West want to adopt?
If you think Sharia blasphemy law has no place in the West, share this post!

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