The Islamic demand & Western Values.

A commentary on Islam and the ensuing political madness of the West. By Senior Pastor Don Roy Hemingway Th.D.

Above all else, even beyond the unspeakable evil and debauchery of Islam, there exists the powerbase of total wickedness, absolutely inherent in all of the demands of Islam and Muslims across the world.

The demands, no matter how outrageous, made by Muslims in the name of their demon religion, upon the free states and peoples of Western civilisation, are the most demented and heinous demands ever carried to a host by a guest. Basically, Islam demands that you and I and all people bow down to their evil ideology and protest not at all as Muslims treat the laws which have made, defined and built our civilisation, with utterly outrageous contempt. They demand, they do not ask, but demand, to be allowed to murder, rape, commit acts of paedophilia and bestiality and a whole plethora of other heinous offences against our societies and the whole of humanity, within the walls of those societies and through the very gates of our civilisation and to do so with absolute impunity.

Currently, Western governments are bowing down from the ankles to accommodate these wonton savages. These spineless politicians of appeasement, have abandoned the people who employ them, they have abrogated from their responsibilities to uphold the law and defend their own people and they have abdicated the crown of the moral high ground, which is the citadel of our historical civilisation, a citadel which is now being sacked by Muslims and evil Islam and left in ruins. These politicians are now so seduced by the evil of Islam, they are throwing their own in jail for any criticism of Islam and for speaking political opposition to their own maniacal policies, denying that basic God granted human right of freedom of speech in the process.


Why would any patriotic and civilised politician want to help the most evil and wicked demons, practicing the most horrendous ideology, ever to walk the earth in human form? The answer is a simple one I believe, POWER! For our politicians to impose their totalitarian, Nazi will upon a free people, they need a cause to gloss over their true intent, they need a disguise, they need a distraction and they have it in Islam. They have never been trustworthy, they have always been in politics for the love of authority, the lust for unbridled, totalitarian power and not the joy of service to the country or its nation. One day, when all political opposition has been swept aside, when all critics have been silenced, then the politicians will act with full military force against Islam, they will destroy totally, that evil religion and all its practitioners, leaving nothing but their own evil powerbase and a Nazi system which even Hitler could never have envisaged.

If we the people are to survive and emerge victorious from this war, we must attack on two fronts, against Islam, Muslims and all the evil it and they stand for and we must attack the politicians and their ideology which has made Islam the evil force it is today as they have treated us all like fools.




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