The silence of the media and the lies the leftists spew make this elitist group the enemies of liberty and all who value freedom.

The enemedia counts on ignorance, The enemedia counts on stupidity, but the enemedia weren’t counting on you to get the real news the media censors


If the election of President Trump has shown us anything, it is the unimaginable lengths (and the depths) the enemedia and the left will go to,  impose their radical agenda on the American people. They smear defame and libel voices of freedom. They go after our families. They gin up violent leftists and jihadis against us.

We are in the fight for our very lives – our freedoms.

It is crucial that you remain informed in this war. Websites like this one are being scrubbed and silenced from social media to keep YOU from knowing what’s actually happening. The only response to their fake news is real news.

As the leftist machine, in collusion with social media giants, works furiously to shut down political dissent, our reportage and exclusive news coverage on Geller Report is the last line of defense to left wing authoritarianism.

We cannot do it without your support. Major social media platforms such as Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have created the new town square, having become the primary portals through which Americans receive news today. On these platform, the Left has a monopoly. The social media giants are moving actively to erase and hide any viewpoint or person that does not conform to the “progressive” values for which they stand.

This has resulted in massive losses of readership and revenue for conservative sites, and endangers the very freedom of our Republic by allowing only one point of view to be aired. The social media corporations today hold more power over the public discourse than any totalitarian regime ever held. They do not just target voices with whom they disagree, but they make sure that those voices are unable to sustain themselves.

Uninformed is unarmed in the war of ideas.

Will YOU help us now, will you give just a little to preserve so much, will you donate to our Church and political forum so that we can keep publishing the truth for in the name liberty and justice???

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