It’s Your Church.

Dear brothers and sisters, our church is now growing across the world and the presence of Jesus is felt throughout our almost 5 million congregation and received daily in the “The Daily Worship and Evensong, Prayer and Psalms blogs. This particular part of the CJCN here on google+ has a special place in my heart, for it was here that our great Church was launched on the 4th of July almost three Years ago. Since then, we have built a website which supplies the daily blogs and acts as a sort of online headquarters of the CJCN. We have also found and ordained two Pastors and we even have our own clerical Sister (Nun) in the form of Sister Elizabeth Wharry order of St. Benedict, who is also general secretary and personal assistant to the Senior Pastor.

This year has had a difficult start, but these difficulties can be very easily overcome with just a little help from all of you. As you all by now know, we want to open the Church with a physical structure and Bible Seminary this year in Israel. We have all we need to accomplish this, including brothers and sisters in Israel, who have come to be by our side and offer fraternal fellowship, love and support for our efforts, as the CJCN attempts not only to open both of these facilities, but also tries to bring together, not one, two or even three denominations of Christianity under our banner, but to bring all denominations together under the banner of Christ Jesus, as Christians of the ancient way, just as the very first Christians did in Jerusalem almost 2000 years ago. Today, all is in place and ready to go, it has taken three years of hard work and sacrifice to get to this point, to this stage of fulfillment of my personal promise to God, when He spoke to me back in March 2015 and told me what he wanted me to do. All we need now is a little financial support from as many of God’s children as possible. PLEASE, be the contemporary Samaritan today and visit the website of the Church and make a donation to our Israel Church and Seminary fund, without you and your gifts, our dream of the Lord’s house can come to nothing. This great endeavour for the lord is awaiting your gift, so please, donate today whatever your heart tells you to and let us complete this great work in Jesus’ name. Thank you and God bless you.


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