World War 3: Turkey’s Erdogan calls for ‘ARMY of Islam’ to ATTACK Israel on all sides.

TURKEY’S President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) have announced they want to create an “army of Islam” to wage war against Israel, it has been revealed. an “army of Islam” to wage war against Israel, it has been revealed.
World War 3: Erdogan called for an army of Islam
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Editorial comment by Senior Pastor Don Roy Hemingway. 
This situation begs a question, not any one of the questions you may or can probably think of, such as….. Why don’t we kick this war mongering anti Semite bastard out of NATO? Or, why is this lunatic not being pilloried at the UN? Or even, why doesn’t someone put a bullet in this blackmailing Muslim bastard? No, none of those questions fit the bill, though they are certainly questions which should be answered. My question is, where are the Western world leaders who represent the Christian majority in Europe, North America and Australasia and why do none of them condemn this Hitler look alike maniac? Why even Donald trump is silent while Erdogan stirs up WWIII and solidifies his alliances with the likes of Iran and Putin’s Russia. The truthful answer is, they are silent now because they all know as I do, this war is inevitable, there is no escaping from the massive conflict to come between Islam and the rest of the world. Erdogan is just another tin pot Napoleon, banana Republic despot in the ilk of Adolph Hitler with his hatred of Jews, whilst all the time the Western leaders are playing the Neville Chamberlain Appeasement game and why??? Because God is about to destroy the greatest evil this world has ever known and he is going to do it by using his chosen people to lead this fight in the name of freedom from the menace of Islam. Be aware good Christians, we are not only about to go to war with Islam and its despotic dictators, but we are going to war with our own governments who are paving the way for a globalised political and economic system based on Islam, because Islam is prepared to be brutal on behalf of the political appeasement team of Western politics. Islam is a brutal political weapon being utilised by unscrupulous politicians to remove the basic freedoms of everyone. Freedom of speech, criticism of politicians or religious cults and even making a statement of faith in God through Christ Jesus, these things we are told, are no longer politically correct. Where do you stand now? Where will you stand on the day of conflict? Who will you serve on the day of judgement??? Wherever you stand now, make sure that on the day of the Lord, you stand with the angels of heaven and the cause of the living God through Jesus the Christ our Saviour. May God bless us as he leads us to the final victory over Satan and his demons. Amen. 

Less than a month ago the Turkish state’s mouthpiece the daily Yeni Şafak ran an article for Erdogan titled “A call for urgent action” and on the newspaper’s website headlined “What if an army of Islam formed against Israel?”

It called for the 57 member states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to form a joint army to simultaneously attack Israel from all sides.

The article said: “If the member states of the OIC unite militarily, they will form the world’s largest and most comprehensive army.

“The number of active soldiers would be at least 5,206,100, while the defence budget would reach approximately $175billion (£124billion).”

This was accompanied by an interactive map providing formation of military forces for a joint Muslim attack on Israel.

The article provided additional details of the plan, saying: “It is expected that 250,000 soldiers will participate in the first of a possible operation.“Land, air and naval bases of member states located in the most critical regions will be used.“Joint bases will be constructed in a short period of time… It is possible for 500 tanks and armoured vehicles, 100 planes and 500 attack helicopters and 50 ships to mobilise quickly.”Erdogan did not deny his support for the report and has on several occasions said he would like to resurrect the Ottoman Empire.

The tyrant has established military bases in Qatar and Somalia and recently reached an agreement with Sudan to acquire a Sudanese island in the Red Sea to be used as a military base.

World War 3 Turkey Erdogan army of Islam war attack all sides latest news

World War 3: There was a map for a joint Muslim attack on Israel.

He has also repeatedly threatened to invade Greek islands in the Mediterranean and has recently invaded Syria under the pretext of fighting Kurdish terrorism.Erdogan has also locked up journalists and activists who have spoken out against his regime.But the European Union is urging members to approve a further €3.7billion (£3.28billion) to help Turkey deal with Syrian refugees who arrived in their country.Brussels will now push to get Turkey the extra €2.7 billion (£2.4billion) from national governments, some of whom may be unwilling to pump new cash into the country.

Europe’s relations with Erdogan has been fraught in recent years but the EU depends on Turkey to keep a tight lid on immigration from the Middle East, where the war in Syria has killed hundreds of thousands and pushed millions from homes.

World War 3 Turkey Erdogan army of Islam war attack all sides latest newsGETTY

World War 3: Turkey has recently invaded Syria under the pretext of fighting Kurdish terrorism

However, a draft document seen by Politico notes that if countries do not contribute and order the money be taken from the EU budget only, “standard EU rules would apply and the member states would be excluded from the governance of the facility (for refugees in Turkey).”Top EU officials will meet Erdogan on March 26 in the Bulgarian city of Varna despite misgivings among many on the European side.The bloc’s top migration official Dimitris Avramopoulos will announce on Wednesday that the European Commission proposes the extra funding on projects benefiting Syrian refugees in Turkey.Turkey has accepted 3.5 million refugees from Syria, and the EU is already spending a first €3billion (£2.1billion) instalment to help them.

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