Killing Europe…… The Politics of Political Correctness producing Hate and Anti Semitism.

This eye-opening documentary tells the truth about what is happening in Europe — the truth is, not only that truth which the political and media elites will not tell you, but that they don’t even want you to know by any means, even the police are being used to target those who would pass on the truth of this evil to a global community. The film’s producer, Michael Hansen, has faced roadblock after roadblock in getting this film out. Now he has decided to make it available on YouTube.

The CJCN says THANK YOU Michael for your service to God’s people.

Hansen explains:

I am the film maker who produced the movie “Killing Europe.” I have met with a lot of resistance in trying to get this movie out to people. Baroness Caroline Cox even requested the movie be taken down and re-edited, as she retracted the interview she gave for the film. I have had several screenings shut down, and in Canada I’m not even allowed to talk about the shutdowns. This short video will explain in detail these issues and how they even shut down a speech that was supposed to be about the shutdown…that’s right, they censored a speech that was about how they censored my movie.

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