It is time to end the Bullying of Facebook.

Facebook is an unconscionable bully, for years, the faceless, nameless sycophantic followers of Mark Zuckerberg, have banned our freedom of speech and sacrificed all of our constitutional, democratic and human rights, in the name of fascist liberalism.


Day after day, the agents of Nazism block over 7000 people, for saying what they think, what they believe and in many cases, the comments are both fair rather than over critical and historically factual. Today marks the day, we the people begin our fight back, today marks the day, we and all fair minded people show the Zuckerberg’s of this world, we will not roll over and let you piss on our freedom. Today, I urge all people who know anyone who works for Facebook, to begin a systematic hate campaign against them and their families. Single them out in public places, let everyone know, these people are part of the Nazi hate machine of Facebook.

Violence should not be necessary, but if you are assaulted by these Nazi Bastards, then hit back and if necessary, use deadly force. WE MUST TAKE NAK OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Zuckerberg is just another Nazi like Hitler and just like Hitler, he and all Nazis can be destroyed. Begin the name and shame campaign against Facebook employees today, let the world know, Zuckerberg may own Facebook, but he does not own our freedom.

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