“A EUROPE THAT PROTECTS” says Austria as it takes over its role as rotating EU presidency, promising a Muslim migrant crackdown.

The election of populist anti-Muslim migration parties such as Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s ‘Austrian People’s Party’ in coalition with the anti-Islam ‘Freedom Party’ as well as Italy’s coalition of the Euro-skeptic ‘5-Star’ and anti-Islam ‘League’ parties is strong evidence of a shift to the right and a shake-up of the European Union as never seen before.

Express Austria has promised to get “tough” on the European Union over its external borders as the country led by Sebastian Kurz takes over the bloc’s rotating presidency. The uncompromising Austrian Chancellor has pledged to secure the EU’s external borders as he shakes up current immigration rows about the flow of refugees who have already travelled to the bloc.
Mr Kurz at the age of 31 is the bloc’s youngest leader and one of its most controversial will become its power broker for the next six months as Vienna takes over the rotating six-moth European Council presidency.

The Chancellor has set out to ensure Brussels provides a “Europe that protects” – Vienna’s motto for their tenure – as he attempts to stabilise the project and rebuild unity after cracks appeared over migration. Vienna’s focus will target on strengthening the EU’s external borders rather than its internal frontiers, which sees Mr Kurz aligned with Italy’s Matteo Salvini who is also demanding limiting numbers of migrants entering Europe.


New border patrol police unit called Puma as well as performers take part in the exercise ‘ProBorders’ at the Spielfeld border crossing in Austria on June 26, 2018

With Kurz as the new EU leader, stopping mass Muslim migration will be at the top of his ‘To Do’ list. He states that he would like to follow the Australian model which put an end to all Muslim migrant boat arrivals by not allowing them to enter the country, and forcing them to return to their countries in boats commandeered by Australians


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