Holocaust Rising……………. Hamas paid $11,800 to family of “Palestinian” Muslim who murdered eight Israeli students

A Short commentary by Pastor Israel Ben Heman.

On most days, we here at The CJCN, manage to find what the mainstream media are trying to hide from you the public. Namely, the never ending list and stream of crimes against humanity committed in the name of blood lusting Islam. Each day, we will bring you a new news report with as many graphic pictures as.possible. please, forward our articles and photographs to your elected representative, tell him/her, no more votes for someone who appeases Islam and turns a blind eye to genocide. I b. H.

Hamas is not the only “Palestinian” entity that pays jihad murderers’ families. The “Palestinians” have never made any secret of these payments. It was known that the supposedly “moderate” “Palestinian” Authority paid jihad terrorists back in 2013,when Barack Obama fatuously said: “Of course, Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with anyone who is dedicated to its destruction. But while I know you have had differences with the Palestinian Authority, I believe that you do have a true partner in President Abbas.”

Only President Trump has dared to challenge this fiction, and to point out the obvious fact that for all the money we pour into the Palestinian Authority, we don’t see thfacebook_1530833710159em taking the first, smallest step toward making peace with Israel. Trump has cut some of it, but now all the money that the U.S. pays to the “Palestinians” should be cut off.


“Police seize thousands in Hamas cash from family of dead terrorist who killed 8,” Times of Israel, June 27, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):


Police seized tens of thousands of shekels from the family of an East Jerusalem terrorist on Wednesday, which cops said was paid as a stipend by the Hamas terror group.

The NIS 43,000 ($11,800) in Israeli and foreign currency had been given to the family of Alaa Abu Dheim, who in 2008 shot dead eight Israeli students, aged 15-26, in Jerusalem’s Mercaz Harav yeshiva and wounded 11 more.


Abu Dheim, from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber, was killed during the attack by an off-duty IDF captain and a student in the yeshiva….

Supplementary letter, received at the offices of The CJCN an hour ago.

When blood cries out to the deaf and dumb

Ayar Mbalom village in Gwer East LGA of Benue State was nearly a forgotten village at the end of an old dusty road before the genocidal mob of shadows came for blood. The big bell at the church tower in St. Ignatius Quasi parish did not toll for Angelus that morning. The church bell was silenced that day as a monstrous horde and darkness visited Ukpor Mbalom during morning mass; the day everything changed.

That morning, Father Gor Joseph, Father Felix Tyolaha, the village Catchiest, the bell boy and fifteen other parishioners stained the Church porch with their blood and silence. There was no clash or resistance, they fell like sheep at the slaughter slab of heartless beasts. And our President, the father of our nation kept silent.

When the blood thirsty beasts arrived, the police had done their job, messages had earlier been sent out across the nation for every community to disarm. So these parishioners huddled together in prayer, in fellowship and in death. The blood of of these saints desecrated the Eucharist, men, women and children fell like bundles of straw, sometimes upon each other. And our nation looked away with tear stained faces. Our president and the father of our nation was attending a wedding party. His advice was for the people of Benue to learn to accommodate strangers.


So in their usual style, the murderous hordes first burnt down all the houses and homesteads, destroyed food items and barns, and killed everything in their bloody trail like they have done everywhere their cankered souls ever led them. Then they visited the church, the place of prayer and refuge perhaps to send a message that there shall be no refuge and no hiding place.

It is a moment of profound moral crises for our nation, in a time when human lives are devalued, to be silent, to do nothing is sin. Therefore our President can no longer be counted among saints. These are no communal clashes, these are genocidal and ethnic cleansing and to rationalize it as anything else is deliberate falsehood.

That morning Ayar Mbalom joined a growing list of desecrated lands. Eighteen of twenty-three local government areas in Benue have made it into that infamous list; form Logo to Guma. Niger state, Kwara state, Kogi state, Nasarawa state, Enugu state, Ekiti state, Taraba state, Adamawa state, Cross River state, and Ondo States have not been spared. When the murderous hordes got to Delta State, His Royal Majesty Akaeze Ofulue111 of Ubulu Ukwu was first abducted and later killed. Then communities were sacked. Over 1000 people are believed to have been killed in 26 communities of Southern Kaduna from Kauru, Sanga, Chikum, Jema’a local government areas and later Birnin Gwari where the bloodletting has not ceased. Yet our Federal government sits pretty at Abuja and talks about ‘Democracy day’ for the dead.

In Plateau state, over three hundred people are believed to have been killed recently in Riyom and Barkin Ladi. It is shocking that this scale of tragedy is allowed to fester at ‘peace time’ and no one has been held to account. Apologist of our government argue that more were killed under previous administrations. The Inspector General of Police make excuses and our Minister of defense openly justifies this homicidal rampage by marauding herdsmen from his ethnic nationality. He blames the killing on a law enacted by Benue state as if the killings are limited to Benue state or did not precede the said law. Our President appears satisfied and retains the services of both men. We are told the only way to stop the carnage is for people to give up ancestral farmlands as grazing colonies.

These killers must be some smart ghost; no one can arrest them or even see their shadows. When Governor Nasir el Rufai was able to track them to some unidentified foreign country, you would have expected someone in government will ask questions but alas, it was to pay them compensations they forgot to collect when they hurriedly left Nigeria. Indeed, you can hardly discuss this issue without being accused of hate speech. Yet it is obvious to everyone that this is an agenda of ethnic supremacy and we know who stands to gain directly from these ‘cattle colonies’. We are left to conjecture why our President may not declare them a terrorist organization, after all they are not Biafrans.

As endless list of communities turned to killing fields we blame the ghost of Gadhafi. Our Commander in Chief hears and sees nothing as blood trickles and turn rivers. He says nothing and does nothing as villages are forcefully occupied and citizens violated and dispossessed. Who needs a government if our Commander in Chief appears to condone this unprecedented wrong that has left our nation shaken, polarized and drowning drunk in the blood of her children.

As our dear nation stumbles on the brink there is silence everywhere. The greatest shame of our nation is not the brutality of the murderous hordes of half-men, but the complicity of silence and indifference that allows evil to bloom and prosper. We must reject the lies of those who play politics on the unmarked graves of our nation’s children. They watch from their high horses and try to rationalize genocide but we must reject the normalization of lying by the political establishment. We must hold accountable for these atrocities, leaders who feign helplessness, and remain complicit in silence, as fellow citizens are systematically maimed by a tribal militia of death merchant. Those who wield religion to seek selfish political gains will fail, and so will their ideologies of hate.

So as the dawn breaks into a new day, our nation has nothing but shame to celebrate. I declare this second half of the year 2018 a national season of mourning in remembrance of all the lives we have lost. I invite you to join me in this project by publishing the names and pictures of friends that have been killed. Update my list of communities that have come under attack. It is time for all who love and wish to preserve our dear country Nigeria to urge our Commander in Chief to commit himself to preserving the dignity of every human life; irrespective of clan or creed. The security of lives and property shall be the most important duty of any government, and that sacred trust, this government has abdicated to our collective shame…

Let prayers rise for Obio Usiere, for Numan, for Demsa, for Lamurde, for Guyuk and Shelleng, for Logo, Guma, Ubulu Ukwu, Kauru, Sanga, Chikum, Jema’a, Birnin Gwari and for Nigeria till this orgy of bloodletting ceases. May justice prevail, may the merchants of blood never prosper in our land again.

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