Jordan, Palestinians say Jews’ visit to Temple Mount ‘provocation against Muslims’.

Jordanian and Palestinian leaders warned that a visit by Jews to the Temple Mount on Tisha b’Av was sacrilegious and a defilement of the holy site.

Comment by Messianic Rabbi Israel Ben Heman.

How utterly and totally mad, how mindlessly stupid, how moronically insane that Jewish people cannot ascend the Temple Mount to speak, to pray and to rebuild and cannot come and go as they please in their own capital city for fear of offending Muslim scum bag bastards around the world. Can you imagine telling a Russian he cannot visit the Winter Palace, or a Chinaman he cannot walk the Great Wall, or an American he may not visit the Memorial to Abraham Lincoln for fear of offending the stinking bastard murdering savages of the death and rape cult of dog shit Islam??? TO HELL WITH ISLAM and all the filthy murdering bastards who follow it, throw down the gauntlet, let the bastards have the war they have been threatening and crying for, ever since each and every one of the scum were born. Islam is not a religion, it is a ball and chain on the rest of humanity and it is time to undo that heavy burden and let the oppressed go free. Islam is evil and it must be destroyed.

Jordan’s embassy in Israel sent a protest letter to the foreign ministry after more than 1,000 Jews were allowed to ascend to the Temple Mount Sunday.

According to a report by Kan, Israel’s public broadcaster, the letter declared that the Jews who visited the Temple Mount “defiled” the site and were a “provocation” to Muslims throughout the world.

The Jordanian letter claimed that those who visited the Temple Mount were “extremists” and “settlers.” The visit, which was protected by Israel Police, was said to be a violation of international law and conventions that govern Israel as an “occupying force.”

The vast majority of the over 1,000 Jews who entered the site of the Temple Mount Sunday were peaceful. A few were arrested after they attempted to pray on the site, which is forbidden because it is said to be incitement to violence since it angers Muslims.

Yousef Id’is, Palestinian Authority Minister of Endowment and Religious Affairs, called for “serious action” to defend al-Aqsa Mosque against Israel’s “sacrilegious schemes and increasing break-ins,” according to the Palestinian Information Center.

Id’is said Muslims nationwide and overseas should “leave no stone unturned” to curb the Israeli break-ins and intensify their presence at al-Aqsa Mosque.

Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Adnan al-Husseini also condemned Jewish groups for “inciting their followers to storm the Aqsa Mosque and perform rituals on its plateaus” to mark the destruction of the “alleged temple,” according to the Palestinian Information Center.

Husseini warned that such action would “add fuel to the fire.”

‘Start building instead of crying’

Jews entered the site, the holiest in the world for Jews, to mark Tisha b’Av, the date of the destruction of the two Jewish temples in antiquity and the saddest day in Jewish history.

Among the visitors to the Mount were activists from the “Students for the Temple Mount” organisation, who came with sandbags in order to “start building instead of crying.” Three activists with helmets and construction equipment were detained, while two more activists and the chairman of the organisation advanced to the entrance to the Temple Mount with their helmets.

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