‘State of Palestine’ chosen to lead largest UN bloc, in snub to US, Israel.

The so called ‘State of Palestine’, which actually does not exist and never has existed, was chosen in the UN to lead the biggest bloc of nations, known as the Group of 77. In Other words, Islam, Muslims and Terrorists.

A group of developing countries at the United Nations has chosen the observer state of ‘Palestine’ as its next leader, the Palestinian Authority ambassador told The New York Times Tuesday. The decision could cause new tensions with Israel and the US.

The ambassador, Riyad Mansour, told the Times that Palestine would take over leadership of the bloc, known as the Group of 77, from Egypt, starting in January.

Originally 77 countries when formed in 1964, the bloc’s membership has nearly doubled to 134 nations. The bloc often votes as one in the General Assembly and is said to represent more than 80 percent of the world’s population.

“We will be negotiating on behalf of 135 countries,” Mansour said, noting the ‘State of Palestine would be the 135th nation.

The choice of ‘Palestine’ as the Group of 77’s leader is a rebuff to Israel and the US, which have argued that the status of the Palestinians at the UN does not mean that there is an independent state of Palestine and that only direct negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians could achieve such an outcome.

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