Duterte Signs Law Giving More Autonomy to Muslims in Southern Philippines.

Editorial comment by Messianic Rabbi Israel Ben Heman.

Capitulation, this is word most leftists and Islam and Muslim appeasers fail to use, every time they give in to the 1400 year continuous slaughter in the name of the most evil ideology ever to exist on this earth. Capitulation for an easy way out, appeasement for a quiet life, acceptance of Islamic debauchery for a little peace. But how long will that peace and quiet last, how long will it be before the Muslims want all of the Philippines not just a portion of the South. How many people, non Muslims, living in the Southern Philippines will still be alive in a year’s time? Capitulation gives those who give in, those who appease Islam, a little respite for a short time, but it never stops the onward march of Islam as it storms across the globe, bent on full and total world domination at the point of a sword. Islam has not changed one jot in the whole 1400 years since Muhammed the false prophet beheaded 900 Jews at Medina in a single day, back in the 7th century. The same appeasement and capitulation is now taking place across Western Europe, to the point where ordinary citizens have to walk around entire city districts to avoid no go zones where they would be murdered under the blanket of Sharia law by a bunch of imported savages who live on our charity and take away our basic freedoms as a thank you gesture. Capitulation? What are the politicians going to do when the Muslims are more than 5 per cent of the population, when there is no more land or money to give them, when there is nothing more to offer in appeasement, will they then finally arm our own people and ask them to slaughter the Muslims to finally break the death lock grip Muslims appear to have on Western politicians. Do the politicians have to first suffer as we the people are suffering because of their mad leftist political experiments? Yes, one day, the only answer if our way of life, our culture, our religion even our basic freedoms are to survive, we will have to slaughter between fifty and eighty million Muslims across this continent and the longer we wait, the greater that number will become. Western politicians must now crack down on Islam and all Muslims. No more Shariah courts, no more public praying, no more mosques and no more recognition of Islam as a religion. We must no begin a programme of forced repatriation of all Muslims, those who were born in the West to be relocated to the homeland of their great grand parents. In short, we can get rid of the Muslim menace peacefully if we act now, but wait one more year, and Islam will have to be militarily destroyed. The West must now act to take Islam out of our societies and our lives and if the politicians will not, then weI the people must take up arms and first kill them, before killing every Muslim on this continent before the crazy bastards kill all of us. We must act now whilst we are the majority.

MANILA — President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has signed a landmark law aimed at giving expanded autonomy to Muslims in the south of the country, his spokesman said on Thursday, with the legislation expected to bring some measure of peace to a region choked by four decades of separatist violence.

The long-delayed law came four years after the government signed a peace deal with the separatist group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which dropped its bid for full independence in return for the right to self-rule.

The front had fought a fierce uprising since 1978 that left about 120,000 people dead and pushed pockets of the deep south of the Philippines into a cycle of extreme poverty and violence.

The new legislation, called the Bangsamoro Organic Law, was supposed to have been passed early this week, but infighting among allies of Mr. Duterte in Congress delayed its passage. The president’s spokesman, Harry Roque, said on Thursday that the presidential palace had now received a copy of the law.

“After much confusion, the president has signed into law the Bangsamoro Organic Law,” Mr. Roque said in an interview.

Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters battled Islamic State-inspired militants in the southern Philippines last year.CreditJes Aznar for The New York Times

The legislation mandates the expansion of an autonomous region that would be led initially by a “transitional authority” composed mostly of former fighters before eventually being governed by its own parliament.

The region is intended to supersede an earlier autonomous zone, composed of five provinces, that was considered to have benefited only a small number of Muslim families and that had been wracked by violence. The new area is expected to be larger and better funded.

Under the new plan, the government would retain police and military forces in the area, combatants would lay down their weapons in phases, and six of the guerrilla group’s camps would be converted to “productive civilian communities,” according to the leader of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Al Haj Murad Ebrahim.

Mr. Murad said that the rebel group had 30,000 to 40,000 fighters and that those combatants would willingly give up their weapons, a first step toward reducing the proliferation of unlicensed firearms in the region.

The exact number of insurgents and the quantity of weapons they possess have been relayed to the army, Mr. Murad said. The military had long estimated that the front had around 10,000 fighters.

Mr. Murad said that the new law was expected to decrease extremism in the south because young Muslims would finally feel they were being given a voice and a fairer chance to succeed.

He said that the move would also make it harder for Islamic State-linked operatives to recruit disaffected youth in the region.

A mosque in the southern Philippines. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front had fought a fierce uprising since 1978 that left about 120,000 dead and pushed pockets of the south into a cycle of extreme poverty and violence.CreditJes Aznar for The New York Times

Last year, fighters from Southeast Asia and the Middle East helped a local faction of the Islamic State to take over the city of Marawi, leading to a five-month battle ending in October that left hundreds dead. The faction was composed mainly of fighters formerly allied with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front who had become frustrated with the peace process.

The Philippine military eventually took back Marawi with help from the United States and Australia, which provided surveillance and intelligence data.

Mr. Murad said, “We are quite confident that if there is a political settlement acceptable by majority of Bangsamoro Muslim people, splinter groups will gradually be carried into the mainstream.”

“It is very difficult for them to exist minus the support of some people in the area,” he said, adding: “If the people support the result of the peace process, there is no choice for these small groups except to join.”

Rommel Banlaoi, a security analyst at the Philippine Institute for Peace, Violence and Terrorism Research, agreed that the new law could bring calm to the south by requiring the Moro Islamic Liberation Front “to stop fighting the Philippines through military struggle.”

“But it will not automatically bring peace,” Mr. Banlaoi said, stressing that the key to reducing the violence was making sure that the front followed through with its promise to disarm and decommission its thousands of combatants.

Referring to the law, he said, “The B.O.L. is not a magic pill that can give a solution to multifaceted problems of armed conflicts” in the region.

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