Thank you all for my Recovery……

In the hands of the lord, a healing is accomplished.


As many of you will know, I was recently in hospital for a week with a life threatening infection of my Colon. Thanks to Sister Elizabeth and brother George, the whole congregation of the CJCN was alerted to the situation and asked to pray. Praise be to God, your prayers were answered and I am now back at home with my small dog and though it has been a hard road, God has healed me and granted by his divine authority, that I should continue to serve Him and His purpose for a little longer.


I want to thank you all for your prayers and many good wished, during my illness and more recently, during a month long recovery which is now complete.

Now it is back to the work we have to do to plant the new church and  Bible Seminary in Israel later this year. Can I ask you all to pray for this enterprise as devoutly as you prayed for my recovery and may this work in grace for the lord be blessed with your very much needed donations for this cause. Thank you all again and God bless you.

Like most churches, static constructed buildings or the virtual online variety, The CJCN functions on donations. If you would like to help the CJCN continue with this vital work, please leave your contribution here by clicking on the donate button bellow and bless you for your help with the lord’s work in this place.

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