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Don. Roy Hemingway is a retired professional soldier living in England and Spain. He began his working life as a coal miner, following his father, Kenneth, in a long-standing family tradition of coal mining, before joining the British army at age seventeen in 1969. His life and work has taken him around the world three times, and as a result, he speaks several languages, including German, Dutch, and of course, Spanish. Though leaving school with no academic qualification, he applied himself to general studies during his long military career through the army education system and eventually entered university where he studied law, social science, criminology, and contemporary politics. He spent a year as a lecturer at the Aramco College in Ras-Tanura in Saudi Arabia after retirement from military service, and later, using his knowledge of law, he became an advocate for disenfranchised fathers who had lost touch with their children, practicing law at the high court in London. Don. Roy left England in 2005 though he retains a home there, his working life at an end at the young age of fifty-three, and began writing two years later. His time today, in a well-deserved retirement-as he kicks back for a little rest, as he puts it-is generally spent writing novels in the genre of spy thriller; in-depth crime studies, including a magnificent work entitled Random Kill, which is a well-researched and informative true-life case-by-case study of serial killers; and the occasional comedy piece for his favorite magazine. When I told him I had read his other books, including Last Act of Vengeance, his first novel, and told him I had enjoyed all his works, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said, “That’s nice” “Will you ever write your memoirs, Don. Roy” I asked him when I interviewed this most interesting individual recently. “I don’t know” he replied. “Do you really think my life has been any more exceptional than anyone else’s?

‘The Death Cloak’.
Forced into retirement by an unscrupulous boss, ex MI5 agent Mike Roberts is drafted back into service for the most important mission of his life.
From the outset to the very last, the international spy masters contrive to reap rich political rewards for their own Countries and personal glory. A rogue Mosad agent has a double mission, to assassinate the next President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, and assist Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.
 The Death Cloak by [Hemingway,  Don. Roy]
Last Act of Vengeance is a story told in two inter-connecting episodes. It begins in 2008 with the hero of our story, Mat Kennedy. He is a retired ex-soldier and MI5 covert operative who embarks on a personal mission to avenge the death of his pregnant wife and six year old son. The interconnecting episode begins in 1969, when Mat becomes a private soldier of the British Army, in the Royal corps of Signals. He meets a young officer, Nigel Powlette-Jones, the Son of a serving General. The two men hate each other on sight and though Mat has the full support of his direct superiors, he nevertheless must follow the orders of his ultimate superior, Nigel Powlette-Jones. Mat ultimately becomes the more successful of the two, rising through the ranks by virtue of his hard work and diligence of duty and his almost inevitable secondment to covert operations with M.I.5. as a (Fully Fledged sneaky bastard) international assassin. Powlette-Jones however is a misplaced misfit, who constantly makes erroneous judgments and finds himself irrevocably in the realms of hot water with his superiors and only progresses to the upper echelons of power, by virtue of his Father’s under the table dealings with his many friends and influence, in an attempt to save the honour of his family, for a Son he knows to be a complete fool. Each of the inter-locking sagas of this novel, as it leaps through time, from one era to the next, leads the reader through the past and into the present, so the reader can catch up with all the events of a time before, up to the present day and understand Mat’s motivation. Mat and Powlette-Jones see little of each other throughout their years of service but when they do meet, the simmering embers of hatred are easily fanned into flame. The General helps his Son to murder Mat’s family and though Mat takes some immediate revenge, the ultimate act of vengeance must wait until the very last. The second and interlocking saga of this story is told from a standpoint of time-honoured military precision. Mat sets out to devour, under the cloak of death, the entire Powlette-Jones family and their assistants. With due diligence, the reader will, through understanding of Mat’s past, be able to fully understand his methodology, his conception and his full dedication in his plan to take revenge. At the very outset of the story, there is mention of a mysterious letter. This letter is contained and mentioned within the story throughout, though neither its contents nor its author are revealed until the last chapter. This forms a twist in the tale, that I defy any reader to predict. There is intrigue throughout this double edged sword story; it covers government sanctioned international assassination, secret military missions, domestic murder, cover-up at the highest levels and M.I.5 and C.I.A. collaboration, even the involvement of prime ministers and Presidents alike. Kidnapping gives rise to the theft of one and a half million pounds in international bearer bonds and only one man can walk away.
Last Act  of Vengeance. by [Hemingway, Don Roy]
Random Kill.
Fear is a defence mechanism that exists in all animals, especially in human beings, our sense of fear is what keeps us safe; it allows us to avoid danger. However, there can be no danger greater than that posed by a serial killer and because the serial killer is driven, strikes at random and, in most cases, is a psychopath, he feels no fear himself. Yet the fear his actions evoke in the minds and hearts of any society leaves the population in the geographical area of his operation, gripped with terror for an extended period of time but there can be no safe haven, until the killer is caught. ‘Random Kill’ is a case by case study of just a few of these most terrifying offenders and offers some insight into the serial killer’s psyche. It is believed today in the United States that for every serial killer under lock and key, at least another five are at large to pursue their sickening trade, leaving everyone else to simply fear for their lives and to await the next ‘RANDOM KILL’.
Random Kill. by [Hemingway., Don. Roy]