The far left are turning far right in Nazi Btritain….. But don’t worry, it’s only so they can throw any political opposition in Jail.

Editorial comment by Pastor Don Roy Hemingway.

Watch and listen, is it now sinking in what our politicians intended when they brought millions of Muslim  savages to our shores???


Yes, that’s right, they did it so they can crack down with extreme laws, but not just on the Jihadis or the savages, they intend to do it to everyone. You think Stalin was bad??? Wait a while, Teresa May and Rudd the impaler will kill more innocent people than uncle Joe did, all in the name of protection. I think I would rather sign up for the protection racket of John Gotti, at least you knew where you stood with the old Teflon Don, the Godfather.

Muslim immigrants put children on train tracks, demanding “free housing, money and Open borders”.

Watch this video: This is what happens on the borders of Greece.
Thousands of Muslim men In the military age, and there are only six children and several women. They are using children for propaganda!
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Powerful Call From A Jewish Jerusalem.

Wild Bill says it straight. Jerusalem belongs to the Jews.

President Trump will hopefully take the steps necessary to make sure that Godless thugs are not able to force their values down our throats.

In addition, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Brotherhood belong on the terrorism watch list.

The Muslim Student Association should be outlawed. Jew-haters should be fought and brought to justice. We must stand on Israel’s side.