Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg deploys ‘secret police,’ reportedly catches leakers.

Not only has Mark Zuckerberg instituted the same speech restrictions on the general public that totalitarians have imposed in the past, he has installed the same terrifying techniques with Facebook employees.

Zuckerberg…”I am in Command of your world”….


An unnamed employee said he was called into a meeting last year under the guise of a promotion and found himself in front of Facebook’s investigative team armed with proof he’d been leaking to the press.
The investigative team had records of screenshots the employee had taken and links he had visited or even just hovered over.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has deployed a “secret police” to catch leakers in the company, The Guardian reported Friday, citing a person who worked there.

The unnamed employee said he was called into a meeting last year under the guise of a promotion and found himself in front of Facebook’s investigative team armed with proof he’d been leaking to the press.

“It’s horrifying how much they know,” the employee told The Guardian. “You go into Facebook and it has this warm, fuzzy feeling of ‘we’re changing the world’ and ‘we care about things’. But you get on their bad side and all of a sudden you are face to face with [Facebook CEO] Mark Zuckerberg’s secret police.”

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 The investigative team, headed by Sonya Ahuja — confirmed by her LinkedIn profile — had records of screenshots the employee had taken and links he had visited or even just hovered over.

The investigators also indicated they had records of chats between the employee and a journalist.

“When you first get to Facebook you are shocked at the level of transparency. You are trusted with a lot of stuff you don’t need access to,” the employee told The Guardian. “The counterbalance to giving you this huge trusting environment is if anyone steps out of line, they’ll squash you like a bug.”

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNBC, but a company spokesperson told The Guardian, “Companies routinely use business records in workplace investigations, and we are no exception.”

Meet the Lord who is asking the British Parliament “Can we talk about Islam?”

Is Islam really the ‘religion of peace’?

In the hours after the London Bridge attack, Christians celebrated Pentecost – recalling when the Holy Spirit inspired the Apostles to come out of hiding and proclaim the Good News. In light of the terrorist atrocity, my parish priest spoke on the fruits of this Spirit – love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control – as the correct response to such horror. It struck me that while we have become used to proclamations of Islam as the ‘religion of peace’, it’s this message which sets Christianity apart in the face of persecution, and many of us forget the impact that the peaceful philosophy of Christianity has had on the world as we know it today.

In the wake of the Manchester bombing, there was a row which showed clearly a key distinction between the Christian and Muslim faiths. Twitter came under fire for its perceived failure to quickly remove a tweet by an Isis supporter which read: ‘Face the people of kufr [non-believers] wherever you are and show Allah what He loves from you. Kill them wherever you find them’. Yet in the clamour for these words to be censored, what wasn’t mentioned was where these words actually came from: the Quran – or God’s word revealed to the Prophet Mohammed. Islamic scholars protest that this passage – outlining the correct way in which to fight a defensive war – is frequently taken out of context. As indeed it is, both by Islamophobes and Islamists, in that it does not condone the killing of innocents (though, in the modern world, that is sadly a very fluid concept).

But even within the context in which it was written, it is a grotesque sentence. Nothing even approaching its nature features anywhere in the Gospels. The most violent act Christ is recorded as having committed was overturning the tables of the moneychangers in the temple. Islam’s founding prophet, by contrast, conquered an empire. It is fair, too, for Islamic scholars to point out that Mohammed’s wars were ones of self-defence. Like Christ and the Apostles, Mohammed and his followers were persecuted by those around them, even when they established their own settlement in Medina. But here, too, the contrast is instructive. Christ and all ten of his remaining Apostles were murdered, inspiring through example a tradition of nonviolent resistance which over the proceeding three centuries would take over the very empire which had attempted to extinguish it. Two millennia later, it would also inspire Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela to affect real change in the world through peaceful means.


Likewise jihadis, who feel their faith is threatened in the same way embryonic Islam was in Mohammed’s day, are following the example of their own founding prophet. Indeed, if Theresa May wants us to have ‘difficult conversations’, we must also face up to the fact that Isis is faithfully recreating 7th century Islam. Mohammed did not only practice defensive war, for example, but also pre-emptive. In the final years of his life he conquered the remaining outposts of paganism in Arabia and forcibly converted their inhabitants to Islam before initiating a skirmish against the Eastern Roman Empire. His followers would continue this aggressive war until the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

This is a difficult conversation. But it is not one of condemnation. It is a call for Christians and secular humanists to extol the virtues of our faith and our society by example, through extending the Fruit of the Holy Spirit – love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control – to all as explicitly Christian and proudly Western values.

NOTICE… To those faceless, nameless S.S. And Gestapo operatives @ Facebook, google+, Twitter and the like of social media….

By Pastor Don Roy Hemingway. 

These social platforms may have been set up by you, they are certainly owned by you and no one wants to take the crust out of your mouth. However, you must now recognise, these social network platforms are the modern day town square, the contemporary Speakers Corner, the veritable public soap box of the sons and daughters of Liberty. 


This is a message to all those faceless and nameless haters and anti Semites at Facebook, Twitter, google+ and other social media platforms who are constantly on watch for those of us who have not been seduced by the dark side of this liberal farce which is overtaking the Western world and continue to exercise our first amendment right to freely say what we believe to be the obvious truth. Many of us here on these feeds, are sick to the back teeth of being silenced by you,  as we state the truth about Islam and its hate and death dealing Muslims who follow the blood letting cult. We say what we see, we state what is true and clearly visible across the whole world concerning the savages of Islam. Murder, rape, bestiality, paedophilia and a whole host of debauchery which is unspeakable. This I say to you now and you need to bear it in mind for the future, you may ban us now for speaking the truth, but you will pay for your crimes on the end of a rope later, you will not be forgotten or forgiven and you will not escape any more than Adolph Eichmann did after WWII,  we will hunt you down to the ends of the earth for your treason and assistance in the most horrendous crimes, committed by Muslims with your help and aid, against the whole of humanity. You will not get away with claiming you were only obeying orders or that the actions you took against your fellow men and women was somehow justifiable because the boss told you so, in short, you personally will one day,  be held accountable for your own part in attempting to destroy Western civilisation for the sake lunatic liberals and evil Muslims. Either change your policy now toward those of us who speak the truth about Islam and its Muslims, which by the way is not a race, or pay the ultimate price for your crimes against the whole of humanity when the world regains its sanity.

12 Christians Murdered in Nigeria for Trying to Protect Girls From Forced Islamic Conversions.

The international media will not make much of any mention of this. If the victims were Muslims, the mainstream media would be full of stories of “islamofauxbia.” But the victims are Christians, so the “human rights community” has nothing to say. This story will pass virtually unnoticed, like so many before it, and so very many yet to come.

“12 Christians Murdered in Nigeria for Trying to Protect Girls From Forced Islamic Conversions,” by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post, March 1, 2018:

At least 12 Christians have been killed and another 20 injured in Kasuwan Magani in northern Nigeria in retaliation for believers’ attempts to rescue Christian girls from forced Islamic conversions.

Morning Star News reported on Tuesday that radical Muslims hunted down Christians and burned down their homes after they had attempted to rescue two girls who were kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam two weeks ago.

“The names of those killed are not readily available to me at the moment, but I can confirm to you that they are Christians killed in the Christian area of the town,” said James Madaki of the Evangelical Church Winning All.

The victims also included members of Pentecostal, Baptist, Assemblies of God and Seventh-day Adventist churches in the town.

“The case was reported to the police, and the girls were not rescued, so some Christians decided to rescue the girls, but the Muslims in the town attacked them,” Madaki explained.

“The Muslims did not just attack the Christians that went to rescue the girls, but also went around town attacking Christians they sighted and burned houses belonging to Christians.”

Omega Funom, another Kasuwan Magani resident, confirmed that the violence came as a result of the girls’ kidnapping.

“This is the practice by Muslims in Kaduna state. They abduct small Christian girls and force them to become Muslims, and when Christians reject this, they attack them to create the impression that there’s a religious crisis,” Funom said, adding that the Muslims were armed with AK-47 guns….